A Guide on How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

If you need to come up with a standard article for an assignment, consider using the 5-paragraph essay. It is the commonly used format for standardized testing in learning institutions. Classic, and taught during primary English education. Essay writing can strike fear in students’ minds, especially for regular tests. However, you don’t have to panic if you have the knowledge and understanding on how to craft a five-paragraph essay.

Besides, this article provides you with the essential knowledge to tackle any five-paragraph topic. First of all, you need to understand the format. Generally, a prose composition follows a prescribed style with an introduction, body and a conclusion part. The pattern is all the same for any five-paragraph persuasive essay template.

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A Guide on How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay
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5 paragraph essay format

Outline on How to Craft a Five-Paragraph Essay

For you to end up with a persuasive five topic essay, it is crucial to follow a specific structure. Of course, you do not want to get confused in the middle of the writing process. Every word and thought accounts for the final result of your article. A typical layout for an essay begins with an introduction and let it be catchy to attract readers’ attention. Secondly, it has a three-body detailed paragraphs and a sum up of everything, a conclusion.

Remember that each paragraph plays a specific purpose. Experts recommend you to write an essay in the form of a keyhole. To be precise, this means that your article should be comprehensive at the start, gets increasingly narrow, and broad on the finish. Here is a detailed structure for you.

The Introduction

The introduction is always the first paragraph of your essay, and it should be catchy enough to achieve maximum attention. You should include the title, author and genre. Still, capture reader’s interests as early as possible as you introduce the topic. It is smart to start your introduction with a hook statement. Tell the reader what the essay is all about and convey a clear point of view.

In most cases, ensure your hook covers one to two sentences, standard enough to make the reader proceed with the entire text. You can decide to start with a rhetorical question, joke, literally quote, anecdote, fact, statistic, simile, life example or a metaphor. Keep the information in the introduction credible as this is the spark to flame.

5 paragraph essay format

Also, develop a thesis statement in the introduction part. For instance, if your writing is a question, the thesis statement should answer it precisely. Make sure your body paragraphs cover your thesis statement or else change the argument. Usually, this statement appears in the last sentence of the introduction. You can also divide it into three thoughts to unify the essay. Do not reveal too much instead think it as a movie trailer. Keep it exciting, and do not give away the plot.

The Body Paragraphs

First Part

In a five-paragraph essay design, the body includes three paragraphs, each limited to one main idea supporting the thesis statement. You can start by stating your supporting opinion, the topic sentence and back it up with at least two sentences of evidence. Always ensure your body features a continuous flow of ideas at a specific pattern.

All paragraphs are equally vital, but you need to make the opening paragraph the strongest. Keep in mind that the reader understands the body from how you start your first paragraph. To make it reliable, include the most potent argument, cleverest illustration and with a significant example. Experts recommend that you should also include the reverse hook to tie in with the transitional hook statement. The last sentence of the first paragraph should have a transitional hook to tie the second paragraph of the body.

Second Part

When it comes to the second paragraph of your body, make sure you give the second strongest point. It can be an argument, and a follow up of the first body paragraph or the second cleverest illustration. Generate a reverse hook in the first sentence to tie the last statement in the first body paragraph. The topic in this section should come out in the first or the second statement.

Remember the primarily plan here is to keep the reader stuck in the text. Of course, you do not want to drag the reader all that long only to lose attention at this point. Your topic should relate to the thesis statement in the introduction part. Here is the section to bring in your supporting sentences using specific details and carefully relevant examples or evidence.

Use your research to broaden your story while explaining the main idea. Generally, a satisfied paragraph has four to five sentences. Keep this part detailed and easy to read. The last sentence of this section should connect to the third paragraph of the body.

5 paragraph essay format

Third Part

The third paragraph of the body should capture the lightest points. Now consider the weakest arguments, illustrations, examples or else an obvious follow up of the second paragraph. Start with a topic sentence to signal the reader for a new idea introduction. Go on with a reverse hook to tie the transitional hook at the end of the second paragraph.

For this section, you should state the topic in the first or second sentence. Keep in mind that the text here should also relate to the thesis statement in the introduction part. To be smart enough, use your most persuasive arguments. The last sentence for this paragraph should embrace a transitional hook to signal the reader of the narrowing point of your essay. As you have completed this last part of the body, jump to the concluding paragraph.

Concluding Paragraph

The conclusion section revisits your overall intention for writing and often welcomes the reader to reflect on the implications of your significant ideas. You can also restate the thesis statement, summarize your major points or leave the reader with a final thought.

If you are repeating the thesis or ideas, do not state the same wording from the introduction or body part. Call the reader to action and remember not to introduce new ideas as they will lower quality, and so is your grade.

5 Paragraph Essay

How to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay for Fifth Graders

Is your child about to enter the last year of elementary school or about to explore middle school curriculum? You need to get prepared to help him or her practice, refine, and nature writing skills. For instance, your kid should be able to write a five-paragraph essay even if he or she needs some help from a teacher. Here is a basic format for your kid on how to write a five-paragraph essay middle school.  

Teach the Kids How to Write Simple Paragraphs

After the topic understanding, this is the next step. Start with simple paragraphs for the entire article. Sure, this is the basic rule. If your child cannot engrave significant sections, the whole essay will be a total mess. It may take time for kids to generate the best articles but be patient and teach step by step. Yes, it is smart to give topics and let the child come up with their theme.  

Afterwards, write with the kids, let them write independently or write with a partner. Remember, the more the variety of options, the better. After a firm understanding on how to craft simple paragraphs, move on to the organization.

Write The Body Paragraphs.

For a five-paragraph essay organizer, three body subsections are vital for a successful writing. The design is all the same for essay writing for fifth graders. For the sake of kids, you can decide to teach the body part first. Body paragraphs carry the bulk of the student’s ideas. In that way, you will assist children in generating the thesis statement quickly.

5 Paragraph Essay

Once your students understand to plan out the three body parts, ask them to write out on paper. Writing these paragraphs helps fifth graders to get the practice they need. 

Of course, you do not want your students to shine in the introduction and fail in the body part. The three-body sections are the core foundation of the paper. 

It is also crucial to keep on boosting kid’s confidence as they make their way to five-paragraph essays.

The Introduction Paragraph

An excellent introduction draws readers into the essay and gives the desire to read more. If you are a teacher for fifth graders, start with the hook statement. Help your students come up with a catchy hook as it captures the reader’s attention. The hook can be of different forms, either by sharing a memory, a question or a bold statement.

After the hook, it is smart to write two more sentences to support the hook statement or the prompt in general. Now add the thesis avowal as you restate the prompt. That’s all for the introduction part. Besides, you can have the kids write the body part and introduction before teaching the conclusion section.

Closing Paragraph

For the closing remarks, concentrate on restating the thesis and include an engaging thought. Students can also use the analogies of the introduction paragraph and body section. After the comparisons, tie everything together and finish the article. When repeating the thesis statement, ensure you make it sound different enough from the original thesis.  

Stating it in an unlike manner, break boredom for readers. Sure, no one desires to read the same wording twice. Make your fifth graders smart enough to change up the format and text to make it fresh. Remember the conclusion part is always open to suit any student. There are several ways for fifth graders to write the concluding paragraph. You can ask a question, conclude with a personal report, quote or call the reader to action.  

5 paragraph essay format

How Long Should It Take To Write A Five-Paragraph Essay?

Well, the answer to this question varies because the speed of your writing depends on several factors. Some of these factors include writing skills, research technique, the complexity of the topic and organization. Besides, it all depends on your attitude or determination to reach your target word count. The five-paragraph format features a rigid structure that simplifies the writing process.

Although word count determines the length of an essay, a standard piece of writing with the five-paragraph format isn’t too long. The design is flexible, expository and spanning narrative. Furthermore, it focuses on the writer’s creativity on content to save time.

The length here is just right enough to emphasize the main idea while maintaining the reader’s attention. If you need to write faster, value prewriting tips, writing guidelines, post writing tips, and understand how to manage information overload.


Concentration and creation of a schedule is the key number one for a faster writer. Always stick to the allocated time and avoid all kind of distraction. Brainstorm also saves time. It stretches your imaginations and reasoning ability. You can brainstorm by taking a walk, as you think about the topic. Ask yourself some questions and make notes if possible.

Managing Information

Start your research from most friendly sites then to hardest sources. Also, make an inventory for your inquiry. It will help you not to go in circles and organize your essay. Omit part of information that is not helpful. Of course, it is not possible to use all the information you come across. Filter truth from lies to avoid contradictions.


Here is the step that makes your writing precise and compact. The more you rewrite, proofread or format, the better your essay becomes. Check grammar errors, punctuation mistakes and misspellings. Formatting means to check the font type, font size and spacing. Also, read out your work loud, makes it easier to detect errors.  


As you write an article, get through each paragraph quickly. You can think of it as a rough draft. Remember that a complete essay scores more points than an incomplete one. Always try your best to meet evaluator expectations.

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