Three 550 Words Academic Essay Samples

Several learning institutions are based on academic essay writing. The main objective is to show the knowledge of students on a particular subject and showcase their abilities to research, collect, and present information. Thus,, with the help of our professional team, this guide explains to you how to write an exceptional academic essay. Additionally, we have three 550 words academic essay samples for am elaborate understanding.

Academic Essay Samples

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Three 550 Words Academic Essay Samples
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Generally, an academic essay is a form of writing students undertake in college, school, and university as part of the learning system. The principal objective of academic essay writing is to either use the available information and facts to put across particular ideas or to present new pieces of data. The assignment allows students to exhibit their creativity and knowledge and encourage them in the development of their ideas to pass a message. Academic essays are shorter than the ordinary academic writings in length and meant to present the opinions of the audience using elaborate evidence.

What Makes Good Academic Writing?

Good academic writing encompasses the following relevant skills, which helps in the articulation of messages.

The key features of academic writing include:

Personal Motivation

Generally, academic essays have the main objective of expressing the opinions of the author and shows that the author is personally interested in the topic they are talking about.


Due to the short length of the essays, the relevant and suitable topic should be precise.

Clear Central Idea

Each essay should have a precise point that is compelling and clear; that is, a thesis statement.


Essays are short, and the range should be between 200 – 500 words.


In as much as essays are the least formal types of writing, they require a solid structure and follow the recommended format of an academic paper.

Supporting Evidence for your Arguments

Essays should present the personal thoughts of an author; however, a writer should ensure to provide evidence for their arguments.

How do you Write Academic Essay Samples?

The knowledge on how to write an essay is vital for everyone. Fundamentally, you have the appropriate academic essay structure and a suitable academic essay format. Outlining is an organization style authors use for all writing styles. The general outlining methods allow writers to highlight research and ideas before initiating the writing process.

Academic Essay Samples

Academic Essay Structure

Generally, an academic essay has five (5) paragraphs that entail an introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion.

Elements of Outlining

Comprehensive Research and Notes

The initial step before writing is to make sure that you have enough credible sources of information to help you make meaningful arguments. You can use credible and recommended websites, approved academic search engines, oxford academic, or Google Scholar as references to be part of your academic article.

Have a Thesis

Your thesis statement is a summary of your entire work. Use your thesis as a guide throughout the entire essay and the writing process.

Outline Your Ideas

Having done all the necessary preparations, put down all the points in order of relevance, and make sure that you have a flow of thoughts.


Male sure that you follow the appropriate referencing style as per the required writing style.

Your Introduction

An introduction is the opening statement of the entire paper. The introduction should be catchy and hook the reader to the essay.


It is in the conclusion that you will summarize the entire work and restating the thesis statement to create more emphasis.

Academic Essay Samples

The General Outline Format

  • Page of the title
  • Essay title
  • Student name
  • Professors name
  • Class (this is optional)
  • Introduction
  • The opening paragraph
  • Thesis
  • Describe the whole paper
  • Link all the sentences to the first body paragraph
  • Body paragraph 1
  • References
  • Provide elaborations concerning the thesis statement
  • Link your sentences to the second body paragraph.
  • Body paragraph 2
  • References
  • Provide elaborations about the thesis statement
  • Link your sentences to the third body paragraph
  • Body paragraph 3
  • References
  • Provide elaborations to the thesis statement
  • Link the sentences to the conclusion.
  • Conclusion
  • Provide a summary of the whole paper
  • A final sentence.
  • Citations
  • Bibliography or footnotes.

Academic Essay Sample 1: Impact of Feminism in the USA.


Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation


Impact of Feminism in USA Politics

After several years of discrimination and suffering of the women to find a place in the society, nowadays, she plays critical roles in the society as an activist, economist, socialist, and above all, a politician. Politics and political science, as academic disciplines for a long time, have been gendered. All these achievements are a result of the emergence of feminism and women’s peace movement, which provided the rights for women (Plastas, 2011). Additionally, people from all walks of life find underlying life conditions such as health, safety, and education are generally influenced and shaped by their sex identification. As such, this research aims at expounding on the conceptualization of the development of USA politics and gender.

Feminism as a practice and theory remains essential to various scholars, and any research carried out concerning politics and gender. Several gender scholars have had their academic interests, which are inseparable from their commitment to politics. After the establishment of the women’s caucus of the American Political Science Association in 1969, a subsequent Study Group on Sex Roles and Politics was created by the International Political Science Association in 1976 (McBride, 2010).

Eventually, in 1986, the Standing Group on Women and Politics was established for Political Research within the European Consortium. Later, debates on gender sections and panels on politics and women linked to broader questions on the participation of women in politics, for instance, if women should organize within developed structures such as trade unions.

However, studies reveal that all women want to represent women, and others find themselves in such situations, not because they decide not to but because of the parties they belong to. As such, there are limitations of descriptive representation as a technique for political transformation and change. For this reason, some people argue that scholars should investigate and find out the critical actors who advocate for comprehensive and significant substantive representation of issues and interests of women. Recent research indicates the inclusion of the impact on ethnic minority women on the impact of quotas (Oishi, 2005). The project on inclusion is unfinished, and there is still a massive gap in women and conventional politics.

Policies of importance and gender equality policies to women do not only incline to feminism, the agencies on women policies, and organizations on women’s movement, but also by various matters; such as the extent of inclusion of women’s organizations in the processes of making policies as in (Osborn, 2012).

Lastly, there is a need for continuous development of the theoretical accounts of policies that provide a better link structure, ideas, and actions. In as much as initial works mainly focused on actors, the times have proven that some actors have proven significant both in the non-conventional and conventional political platforms. The institutionalists in feminist organizations are developing a broad comprehension of institutions as gendered structures and an enhanced understanding of their operation in gendered means. This knowledge is vital for a comprehensive political and social representation of women in policy-making and decision-making.


McBride, D. E., & Mazur, A. G. (2010). The politics of state feminism: Innovation in comparative research. Temple University Press.

Oishi, N. (2005). Women in motion: Globalization, state policies, and labor migration in Asia. Stanford University Press.

Osborn, T. L. (2012). How women represent women: Political parties, gender and representation in the state legislatures. Oxford University Press.

Plastas, M. (2011). A Band of Noble Women: Racial Politics in the Women’s Peace Movement. Syracuse University Press.

Academic Essay Sample 2: Scholarship Essay for Financial Aid

My experience as a graduate student and a working-class woman from YYY and supporting myself since I was YYY had given me a whole different experience. I witnessed my parents work as slaves to earn a little amount of money we needed for daily upkeep in our single room house. The daily struggles of my parents motivated me to strive harder to achieve my goals and help in giving back to society.

I am looking forward to becoming the first in my home to attain a graduate degree to serve as a source of motivation and have the chance to offer my community service.

With motivation and encouragement from my parents, I graduated from YYY University with a major in Social works. During my four years at YYY University, I received Honor’s List five times consecutively. I was also privileged to take part in the necessary life skills programs, taking care of the homeless, and helping them get shelter. The program allowed us to mentor and provided guidance and counseling to youths and young adults. Also, the local business owners had a chance to attend workshops and financial exhibitions to improve their businesses.

Continuing with my graduate work will be very challenging without a good source of income for the next academic year. This scholarship will provide me with the best opportunity and peace of mind to manage my utilities, such as transport, rent, and academic materials such as books. Additionally, this scholarship will help me attain my GPA target, provide me with the chance to serve the community and the general public, and take part in more relevant programs and activities. I firmly believe that the committee will give me the chance to get the support I require at this point to continue with my studies.

Academic Essay Samples

Academic Essay Sample 3: Is the Western Idealization of Fashion a Beauty Trap?






Is the western idealization of fashion a beauty trap?

Western culture has a significant influence on how the media and society set a standard of beauty. As a result, women and girls from all walks of life seek to conform to some alleged beauty standards and the perception of their body image. There is no particular definition that can entirely capture beauty. She quotes the dictionary on the definition of beauty as “something intrinsic to the object or simply as the pleasure an object evokes in the beholder.” From the definition of beauty, according to (Brand 4) says beauty is timeless, universal and, continually changing, and the body of women do not only establish the beautification business like the use of beauty products but also provoke philosophical interests.

Due to the western influence on beauty (Wolf 15) say that the supposed standards of beauty have put pressure on women to conform to the practices of the beauty of femininity as women try to copy the ideal image of womanhood as per the society and the media but also undermined the self-worth of women. For instance, critics indicate that Barbie dolls limit the white Anglo-Saxon ideal leaving girls from the non-western regions feeling inadequate about what they look like and themselves generally. Additionally, due to the deep-rooted white beauty standards, the viewers from the non-western context are usually left with low self-esteem.

As a consequence, women from the non-western regions are forced to undergo pain to change their physical appearance to attain these unrealistic ethnic-based beauty standards. (Kobrin 57) shows that there is a rise in the number of females from East Asia undergoing Asian blepharoplasty, popularly known as double eyelid surgery, to have double eyelids. Therefore, women strive to attain the idealized body shape due to the exposure to the images portrayed by the media, indicating the flexibility of body size and shape. Body image is the most common topic in psychology at the start of the new century, where body image is described as the internal representation of an individual’s physical appearance.

To conclude, gaining knowledge and insight into the culture of beauty is to not only help in the understanding of how unique women’s body is against the objectification by the culture of the body, both the mental and physical body, in the modern era of technological advancement but also to help in the encouragement of the society to develop and apply critical thinking when it comes to women and beauty. The western concept of beauty has contributed immensely to the modern-day cosmetic surgery.

Works cited

Chen, William P. Asian blepharoplasty and the eyelid crease. Elsevier Health Sciences, 2015.

Cho, Ara, and Jang-Han Lee. “Body dissatisfaction levels and gender differences in attentional biases toward idealized bodies.” Body Image (2013): 95-102.

Frith, Katherine Toland, Hong Cheng, and Ping Shaw. “Race and beauty: A comparison of Asian and Western models in women’s magazine advertisements.” Sex roles (2004): 53-61.

Kawecki, Amy Michelle. Beauty is pain: The physical, psychological, and emotional impact of female images in the media. Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2010.

Rhodes, Gillian, et al. “Attractiveness of facial averageness and symmetry in non-Western cultures: In search of biologically based standards of beauty.” Perception (2001): 611-625.

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