Ivy League Admissions Essays Writing Guide

If you are reading this, then there is a good chance you aim to join one of the great Ivy League schools in the future, or perhaps are curious about Ivy League Admissions Essays. A quick investigation into the admission rates of these schools reveals that due to a large number of applications, there are stricter admission guidelines hence lower acceptance rates. However, worry not because in this article, we mention the seven Ivy League schools, how you can join them, and how to write a successful college essay based on various Ivy League essay prompts.

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Ivy League Admissions Essays Writing Guide
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For several decades, Harvard has had the lowest acceptance rates at a meager 4.59%. However, Stanford has taken this title from them with an even lower acceptance rate of 4.3%. Not to despair, however, because students can now significantly improve their chances of joining an Ivy League school by using online essay help services such as Essay Axe. essayaxe.com has for several years now established itself as the best online essay help service for students seeking to not only join good colleges, but also Ivy League schools.

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What Are the Seven Ivy League Schools?

There are good chances you might have had the term “Ivy League,” especially in reference to very prestigious higher education institutions in America. Sometimes people associate these prestigious universities with deep history, rigorous admission processes, and the most brilliant minds in academia.

With this in mind, here are the seven Ivy League schools:

  • Yale University (Connecticut)
  • Princeton University (New Jersey)
  • University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)
  • Harvard University (Massachusetts)
  • Dartmouth College (New Hampshire)
  • Cornell University (Ithaca, New York)
  • Columbia University (New York City)

ivy league admissions essays

How Do I Write a College Essay?

Quite similar to Ivy League Admissions Essays, college essays help students get into colleges. They are a good way of expressing a student’s personality, goals, interests, qualities, and achievements beyond test scores and academic transcripts. Besides being among the prerequisite for joining college, they are also an essential tool for students seeking to gain financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants.

Taking the time needed to learn how to write quality essays is important since it has the potential to pay great dividends in the foreseeable future. If necessary, a student can refer to other essays and picture them as “college admission essay examples about yourself.” While there is no “one size fits all” approach to writing college admission essays, students can follow this general approach.

  • Avoid rushing and writing close to the deadline
  • Begin the essay writing process with a college admission essay template
  • Brainstorm together all the relevant ideas for the college essay
  • Adequately reveal your personality throughout the essay
  • Use the thesaurus sparingly
  • Brush up on grammar and spelling
  • Share personal stories
  • Maintain honesty when providing specific examples
  • Draw inspiration from other well-written college essay examples

How Do You Write an Ivy League College Essay?

Writing Ivy League Admissions Essays is a mandatory part of joining Ivy League schools. Every year, the prompts for Ivy League Admissions Essays change ever so slightly. With the exception of Cornell University, whose prompts vary by program, students can analyze the prompts of other Ivy League schools over the years and identify common patterns.

While knowing much about these prompts does not guarantee successful Ivy League Admissions Essays, it is a great starting point on how to approach various essay structures and subject matters. Generally, what Ivy League Admissions Essays have in common is that they seek intellectual vitality, leadership, passion, memorability, and initiative.

While it is no guarantee, students can write successful Ivy League Admissions Essays by following the guidelines below.

  • Include plenty of meaningful details
  • Brainstorm to gather relevant ideas
  • Use a humble tone
  • Switch up the word choice
  • Write confidently and make the message clear
  • Consider adding titles
  • Read the essay out loud to spot mistakes

How Can I Get into an Ivy League?

It is no secret that only less than 10% of all applicants get admission offers into Ivy League schools. In fact, getting into one of the Ivy League schools is an incredible achievement. So, the elephant in the room is how exactly do people join them?

Get Excellent Grades and Test Scores

If you intend to join an Ivy League school, you will need above-average grades and test scores. According to the National Association for College Admission Counselling, these two are among the most vital determining factors. Therefore, focus on rigorous courses that you can excel in.

Follow Your Passion

Another criterion for evaluating students is how passionate they are in their perceived interests. It does not necessarily matter if students are into community service, academic clubs, or athletics, what really matters is the rationale behind what they do.

Be a Good Person

As simple as it may seem, being nice may solidify your sport in an Ivy League school.

Apply Early Decision

Applying early decision significantly boosts your chances of joining an Ivy League school. However, this approach limits you to apply for one school only, so choose carefully.

Write stellar Ivy League Admissions Essays

Ivy League Admissions Essays reveal who students are. Therefore, as a bare minimum, students should submit unique Ivy League Admissions Essays.

Attend Elite Preparatory High Schools

Elite high schools have high student body transition rates into Ivy League schools. Also, most of them offer good college admissions counselors and hard classes.

Ivy League Admissions Essays Writing Guide

Every year, students with impressive scores and overwhelming academic achievements apply to Ivy League schools for consideration. With this in mind, students often come to startling realizations that academic performances alone are not enough for acceptance.

ivy league admissions essays

Joining an Ivy League school depends on a host of numerous factors, with Ivy League Admissions Essays being among the most vital elements students can use to stand out from the fierce competition. Writing successful Ivy League Admissions Essays, however, is not a walk in the park for everyone. Below we go through what it takes to craft personal statements that outperform the competition by speaking to admission professionals personally and uniquely.

Choose a Topic That Is Deeply Personal

If you got the chance to speak to several admissions officers, one thing they would have in common is the number of essays they encounter about short but rewarding experiences. The sheer number of admissions essays written about short but rewarding experiences has made them somewhat of a cliché within college admissions communities.

Instead, it is advisable that students write essays about deeply personal topics. As a rule of thumb, students should write essays that are so deeply personal to them, that it becomes virtually impossible for anyone else to put their name on the essay and have it still true to their story.

A well-written essay on a deeply personal topic is a great way of gauging a student’s personality and personal values. Needless to say, exemplary personality and personal values are critical requirements for joining Ivy League universities.

Therefore, students should refrain from essay topics that cover shot experiences. Instead, students should come up with unique, creative topics that have profound personal importance to them. By following the latter, students can significantly increase the chances of admission officers appreciating their essays.

Avoid Detached Writing Styles

Writing admission essays in a detached style is a very common phenomenon among most college applicants. A detached Writing Style is a style that makes the audience feel disconnected from the person the essay describes or the author of the essay. Common sense dictates that this is a very bad way of going about essay writing.

ivy league admissions essays

Simply put, writing essays in detached styles will come off as unimpressive to most admissions professionals. On the contrary, students that choose to get personal and express that there are no other candidates like them, with similar kinds of characteristics, strengths, passions, and ambitions, dramatically increase their chances of acceptance into an Ivy.

In this regard, the question is, how can you make an admissions professional fall in love with you and your story? Before you even embark on writing your essay, deeply ponder on the topic that you wish to write about. If you choose to stick to a topic that does not matter to you at all, then the person that ends up reading, it will be of no significance. Do not shy away from complex topics, because after all most great topics are complex.

Do Not Pretend to Be Funny

While we cannot deny the examples of humorous essays that got students into Ivy League universities, the truth of the matter is that not all people are funny. And that is totally fine. Take a moment and put yourself in the shoes of an admission professional, reading an essay where the applicant was trying too hard to appear funny. How would you feel? You would probably cringe, right?

While we are not against experimenting with various styles of writing essays, take this far out and avoid writing humorous essays just for the mere fact that you think the admissions professionals will like it. Humor, as an essay writing style, has very extreme negative and positive effects. On the one hand, well-articulated humor can make an essay very unique. On the other hand, humor can backfire and make an essay memorable for the uncomfortable experiences that come with reading it.

Use a Humble Tone

Contrary to most people’s opinions, application essays are not the ideal place to brag about anything. Making it to the Ivy League pool, students should realize that the non-qualitative elements of the application, e.g., the resume and the common app, give admissions professionals meaningful insight into their measurable achievements.

ivy league admissions essays

In fact, admissions essays are an excellent place for acknowledging uncertainty, flaws, and contradictions. For instance, students can meditate on their own insignificance as a counterpart to an essay inclined to highlight how they stand out from the crowd. Adopting a humble tone might come across as a contradiction; however, it may suggest perspective and humility on the plus side.

An essay written in a humble tone reminds you and the admissions professionals how good you are at something while reminding them and yourself that the world does not revolve around you.

College Essays Fail or Succeed in the Details

Among the most effective ways of engaging readers and transporting them into the story you provide is including vivid details. For instance, tell them about your feelings, the look on someone’s face, or even the weather. Make the person reading your essay test the delicious meal you had on a specific date.

Imagery is the name of this impressive writing technique. It allows your audience to view the world through your perspective. By viewing everything through your eyes, the readers can cheer for you in the situations you describe. In essence, this writing technique introduces you to the admissions professionals as a human, and not just any other random applicant.

With that in mind, it is worth mentioning that being descriptive about specific moments or situations you address in the essay pays off. Successfully applying imagery to your essay allows the admissions professionals to see, smell, and touch the details you describe.

An excellent example of effective imagery during application comes from Bobby, a student from California whose descriptive essay won him acceptance to Harvard. A careful review of this essay reveals that imagery was among, if not the most prominent feature of his writing.

Using imagery to introduce your essay can bring your audience into the piece and make your introduction stand out. Implementing imagery into the body of the essay can be a total game-changer by bringing the entire essay to life.

Proofread Your Essay

It goes without saying that writing an Ivy League application essay is not complete without proofreading. Refrain from over-relying on spellcheck functions and instead proofread the essay yourself. If possible, even ask a few people you trust to proofread your essay some more.


In conclusion, numbers do not lie. Statisitcs reveal that less than 10% of all applicants get to join Ivy League Schools. Therefore it is imperative for applicants to realize that overwhelming academic performance alone is not enough to join an Ivy League School. Writing a stellar essay following the tips in this article will dramatically boost your chances of acceptance.

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