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How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

Writing an annotated bibliography is daunting and requires a lot of concentration. An annotated bibliography definition is a list of sources (books, articles, websites, etc.) with a brief description and evaluation of each source.  This type of bibliography will provide a helpful overview of the sources you have consulted and will guide you as you […]

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Interview Paper Example and Expert Tips for Effective Writing

Writing or preparing for an interview can be challenging if you have not honed the skill. Many students struggle to achieve their objectives because they confuse different aspects. In this article, you will understand the significant elements of this paper to compose your piece when following a well-written interview paper example. Note that you can […]

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How to Write a Global Warming Essay

Over the last decade, climate change has become a global crisis because the world is warming up at an alarming rate. Being a major effect of global warming, people must understand the underlying cause. And while writing an essay on global warming may seem easy, there are three main elements you need to focus on. […]

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How to Write a Lab Report

Writing a paper for an empirical study is never an easy task, especially if you need to report all your findings using text, graphs, and tables. This becomes even more tasking when you have to write a lab report with a short deadline. EssayAxe.com can help by completing your paper on time and precisely, as […]

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How to Write a Philosophy Paper

Unlike regular essays, philosophy papers are all about proving a point. And since proving a point is fairly difficult, you must employ a rational argument and use facts to validate your argument. This makes philosophy writing less about storytelling and more about conveying knowledge through logic and reason. Therefore, you have to think differently when […]

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Buy Custom Research Paper at an Affordable Price

Is lack of time, poor writing skills, or low motivation causing you to fail to hand in a high-scoring custom research paper? We offer a time-tested service to write essays from scratch that gives students better grades at all academic levels. Sometimes you have the topic and draft all mapped out in your head, but […]

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How to Write a Document Based Question (DBQ)

It is essential to learn how to write a DBQ because you are bound to take one. Initially, you would only find Document Based Questions (DBQ) in Advance Placement (AP) history exams. Now, they appear across all levels in social sciences classes. Therefore, this article will help equip you with the tools you need for […]

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Writing the Perfect Literature Review Outline

A literature review is a section that comes after your research paper’s introduction, right before your theoretical framework. Understanding the proper literature review outline is, therefore, elementary. This article is for you if you are currently in your academic years and tasked with writing a dissertation or a thesis. This guide contains everything you will […]

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How to Write a Good Process Analysis Essay

A process analysis essay is simply an essay that explains or details how something works. This essay is an excellent way to give your readers a sense of how to do a task. It might seem challenging initially, but in this article, you will learn how to write a process analysis essay like a pro. […]

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How to Cite a Poem

When writing an essay, you may feel the urge to include poetry but do not know how to cite a poem. It may be challenging to know how to do it correctly.  This article aims to equip you with the necessary skills to have a reasonable poem quotation in your paper.  How Do You in […]

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What is a Theoretical Framework?

A theoretical framework is one of the main parts of a research study and is fundamental to academic work. As a student, you are prone to face the task of coming up with one quite often. Knowing how to write a theoretical framework is thus vital to your success. Writing any other type of paper […]

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How to Write a Hypothesis

A hypothesis is a statement that explains the predictions for a phenomenon of your research about how your scientific experiments will end. As a fundamental part of the scientific method, how to write a hypothesis essay needs careful deliberation, but even the simplest ones can be difficult to put into words. As a result, we […]

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