Can Moodle Detect Cheating? All the Details You Ought To Know

Moodle is an open-source learning management system that educational institutions use to facilitate e-learning. Institutions prefer it because it makes it easier to create online courses, add assignments, and monitor students’ progress.

With Moodle, communication between teachers and students is easier and encourages discussion in forums. Additionally, a teacher can create various engaging question types for quizzes, exams, or tests to assess learning. But, while it helps to create a personalized learning environment, can Moodle detect cheating? Let’s uncover the answer in this post.

can moodle detect cheating

Can Moodle Detect Cheating?

When students start classes and are using online education platforms, they often ask questions: “Can teachers tell if I cheat on Moodle” or Can a teacher in online classes tell if you cheat?
Well, not all online learning platforms have tools for monitoring the activity of students. For example, they can’t lock down your browsers or take photos of your screen at specific times. However, Moodle can detect cheating.

How Does Moodle Detect Cheating?

Moodle tracks cheating through four methods: proctoring, locking down browsers, checking plagiarism for a submitted task, and providing additional statistics.

Through Moodle Proctoring

The Moodle quiz proctoring plugin allows the teacher to capture random pictures via webcam when the student takes the quiz. Then the teacher can review the pictures to determine if the student was cheating. However, for the proctoring plugin to work, the learner has to enable access to the webcam and screen sharing permissions. And the webcam will capture images of the learner every 30 seconds. Otherwise, learners can’t access the quiz.

Additionally, to prevent cheating, it is best to use Moodle proctoring with JavaScript security and keep each quiz question on a separate page. In General, the proctoring plugin helps a teacher monitor your screen, webcam, and microphone.

Through a LockDown Browser

A locked browser can also be used with quizzes in Moodle to prevent cheating. It prevents students from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other web applications during the test. In addition, once a test starts with a lockdown Browser, you can only exit once you submit the test answers for grading.

By Utilizing a Plagiarism Checker

Can Moodle detect plagiarism? Yes, it can since it has a built-in plagiarism detection tool. All the content a student submits to Moodle can be scanned for plagiarism. In addition, the submissions are scanned easily and automatically to confirm that the student’s work is original.

Moodle can also utilize different plagiarism plugins, such as Turnitin, to check students’ assignment submissions for plagiarism. The plugins are integrated into the Moodle system and searches for similar or paraphrased content in various file formats and languages. So if you’re wondering, can Moodle see if you copy and paste? Of course, it can.

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If you copy and paste information from another author and try to pass it off as your original writing, a teacher will spot it when they run the text on Moodle plagiarism checker. Plagiarism carries a hefty penalty in most schools, and you might end up rewriting the assignment or, worse, facing disciplinary action. If you need help writing plagiarism-free content, reach out to our trustworthy subject experts. We will write original academic work at a fair price.

By Providing Additional Statistics

Another great way that Moodle tracks cheating is by providing additional statistics about each student’s performance on the learning platform. This includes information, such as how long they spent on each question. If a student takes a long time on the questions, that could be a red flag that they are cheating.

can moodle detect cheating

Can Moodle Detect Split Screens?

If you’re wondering, can Moodle detect cheating when you have split screens? Without plugins, Moodle, on its own, cannot detect split screens. However, depending on how the test is set up, it’s possible to use Moodle to prevent split screens. This requires the use of apps and plugins. For example, teachers who use Safe Exam Browser prevent screen splitting.

With proctoring software, a teacher will catch students switching accounts. It can then automatically exit you from the exam page. As a result, if instructors see such activities, they will cancel the Moodle quiz, which can translate to you getting a low score.

Furthermore, lockdown web browser aids in stopping learners from accessing other tabs during examinations and various other programs on the same computer when doing quizzes or exams.

Can Moodle Proctoring See Your Screen?

No, Moodle proctoring does not see or record your screens. However, it does capture pictures of the person taking the exam via webcam. Besides, it monitors the activities going on on the exam. That means if you leave that particular screen and the webcam shows you are not there, a teacher will know and suspect you of cheating.

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Does Moodle Check for Plagiarism

Yes, it does. Moodle has an inbuilt plagiarism checker and allows the installation of other plagiarism checkers such as Turnitin and PlagScan. Once you open Moodle and upload your work, it is automatically scanned.

Once the scan is complete, the software provides the educator with a result of your work’s credibility. However, an educator needs to put extra security when using Moodle timed quizzes, as students can cheat by using outside resources or by collaborating with others.

Does Moodle Track Keystrokes?

Are you asking, can Moodle detect cheating by tracking keystrokes? Moodle cannot track keystrokes. As a result, you can navigate backward and forward or scroll/click upward or downwards depending on how the exam is set up or what you want to do to view the exam questions and your answers better.

However, you can add third-party plugins and integrations to Moodle to enable keystroke tracking. Furthermore, Moodle has a logging system that tracks every time a user visits a page or clicks a link. It records when files are uploaded, quizzes are taken, when students log in, and even when they view an item. It also captures when the student begins their exam, every time they click on the next button when they prepare to submit, and when they actually submit.

Common Moodle Answers Hack

When a student has a Moodle test, exam, or quiz and has not prepared adequately, they often resort to cheating in the following ways:

  • The first option is to share the screen with a third party.
  • The second option is to ask for live help.
  • You can also wear high-tech gadgets which allow another person to view the question and provide instant answers.

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Can Moodle Track Your IP Address to Prevent Cheating?

Moodle provides log data that a teacher can access and download as activity reports. In addition, an educator can see what pages the students accessed and the time and date they accessed them. As an administrator, you can also see the student’s laptop IP address, and their actions which include anything they viewed, added, and or deleted.

can moodle detect cheating

What About the Log Report?

The log report page also contains active links to access a student’s profile page or a specific page they viewed. In addition, the IP address link provides an estimate of the student’s location.
To answer the question, can Moodle detect cheating? Some teachers will go as far as to forbid a change in IP address as it prevents students from opening other web pages during the exam to search for answers online.

Can Moodle Detect If You Open Another Tab During an Exam?

Everything on Moodle is done in a specific browser, and that is the extent of what a teacher can monitor. They cannot see what you do in other tabs on your browser unless they have requested you to install specific software that can recognize when you open another tab during an exam.

So if you’re wondering does Moodle track tabs, then Moodle cannot see if you have several tabs open and cannot track external sites. It can, however, show what pages you visit during the exam based on the activity reports and logs.


Here are frequently asked questions related to the question, can Moodle detect cheating?

Does Moodle Monitor Your Webcam During Exams?

Moodle uses a laptop’s camera/webcam to monitor individuals in the exam session. If someone else tries to take your test, it will show up as cheating. The webcam also looks at your room. If there is any strange movement, the teacher will see it and can view it as cheating.

Can Moodle Detect If You Collaborate With Other Students During an Exam?

Yes, it can, as long as it has a proctoring plugin and the webcam monitors the student.


Can Moodle detect cheating? Yes, it does. Moodle has a range of capabilities that help track students’ actions and catch cheating. Through Moodle, teachers can track and get detailed reports about student actions and behavior, including seeing if they are trying to access outside sources during a test.

In addition, proctoring captures the user’s picture via webcam every 30 seconds to make sure the student is, in fact, the person taking the exam. On the other hand, the inbuilt plagiarism checker ensures the submitted work is indeed 100% original.

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