100 Climate Change Argumentative Essay Topics

In your voyage as a student, it is common that you come across argumentative essays. For this reason, getting the right topics and guidelines on writing such essays is very essential. A climate change essay can develop a good argumentative essay where you address issues of global warming and climate change. Essayaxe.com provides a list of 100 climate change argumentative essay topics that will help you kick-start your writing. As experts in essay writing, Essay Axe strongly advises students to use this guide when handling climate change essays.

climate change argumentative essay topics

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Climate change and global warming are issues currently affecting the world. As such, there is a need to address the issues to evade the problems caused by global warming and climate change at large. Given this, climate change argumentative essay topics can be used to present the different points of view surrounding the climate change phenomenon. Essayaxe.com provides a compilation of 100 climate change argumentative essay topics that will guide you in finding issues to address concerning climate change. With these topics, you can develop logical climate change and global warming essays.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is an essay that requires the writer, in this case, the student, to pick a stance on an issue. Given this, you must provide pieces of supporting evidence that persuades the reader that your side of the issue is the most appropriate one. Climate change argumentative topics requires that you select a wider topic on climate change and then pick a stance. Essayaxe.com provides a list of 100 climate change argumentative essay topics that you can write on.

climate change argumentative essay topics

Once you choose an essay topic, you will have to determine the direction of your essay. An argumentative essay requires that you pick one side of an issue. Therefore, you must choose a topic that has different points of view to make your argumentative essay more effective. The thesis statement of your essay will declare your point of view on the topic of discussion.

Writing an argumentative essay on climate change requires that you follow the format of basic argumentative essays. The argumentative essay’s start is an introduction that gives the reader a preview of the topic you are discussing on. The introduction gives brief background information on the essay topic as well as giving a preview of what is to follow in the essay. The thesis statement, which appears at the end of the introductory paragraph, gives the reader’s stance on the essay. The body of your paragraph should provide strong ideas that support the claim made by the thesis statement. The paragraphs should provide reasons for supporting the claims and refuting opposing claims. The essay will end with a conclusion.

What are Good Argumentative Topics to Write an Essay About?

A good topic is very critical when writing an argumentative essay. Not all essay topics befit an argumentative essay. Therefore, before initiating your essay topic’s writing process, you must ensure that you select a topic you are most comfortable with. This way, it becomes easier to write an impressive essay that persuades the reader to agree with your perspective. In case you writing an argumentative essay, you should not sit on the fence. With no stance, it becomes difficult to clearly present your arguments. Given this, argumentative essays are more effective when you understand the topic of discussion and present a clear perspective that differs from several other points of view.

What is the Best Topic for Argumentative Essay?

There is a wide range of topics in which you can select your argumentative essay topic. However, not just any topic can be a good essay topic for argumentative writing. This section provides a criterion for determining which topics are best for writing an argumentative essay.

A good topic is essential for any essay, but how do you determine a good topic for an argumentative essay? We understand that you might need a debatable topic that you and your readers will find interesting.

Tips for Determining the Best Topic for your Argumentative Essay

As a student, you might have questions such as, what are the most debated topics?” and “what are some good argumentative topics?” Essayaxe.com provides a guide that will help you determine which topics are good for argumentative essays.

Here is a basic criterion that will guide you on selecting the best topic for your argumentative essay:

  • A good argumentative essay topic should be interesting to the writer. Ensure that you find a topic that will not give you a hard time when writing. An interesting topic will make it easier for you to create a good outline, research on the topic, and provide an in-depth analysis of the essay topic. For this reason, be sure that you do not pick a boring topic.
  • Be familiar with the topic of discussion. For you to write a good essay, you must have some brief information on the topic of discussion. Being familiar with the topic of discussion will make the essay more interesting to write about the topic.
  • The good argumentative essay topic should be controversial. A controversial essay topic provides different points of view on the same topic. As such, you have to provide strong arguments that support your point of view and refute other views. If your essay topic does not present any conflicts, and everyone agrees with your views, then the essay does not qualify to be argumentative.
  • A good essay topic for an argumentative essay is open for an arguable thesis statement. Ensure that as you choose the topic for your essay, you can create an arguable thesis statement.

With the above tips, it becomes easier to select a debatable topic that you find interesting to write about. Ensure that you take keen note on the tips when writing a climate change or global warming research essay.

100 Climate Change Argumentative Essay topics

In this section, Essayaxe.com provides a list of 100 climate change argumentative essay topics. With this list, you can write a college essay on climate change and global warming-related issues.

climate change argumentative essay topics

Below is a compilation of major topics on climate change and global warming:

  1. Is the media helping towards climate change education?
  2. Climate change and global warming is a myth.
  3. Should global warming and climate change affect human behavior?
  4. Exaggeration on the threats imposed by climate change; Discuss whether there is an exaggeration or not.
  5. Are there enough reports on the existing effects of climate change and global warming?
  6. Shift to vegetarian diets can help reduce the threats of global warming.
  7. Can tax on gas emissions be effective in reducing climate change?
  8. The ethical issues of climate change and global warming
  9. Capturing and storing carbon dioxide is the main route for combating the recent patterns of climate change.
  10. Correlation of industrialization and climate change; is industrialization a silent killer?
  11. Air pollution is proving to be a silent killer.
  12. Wildfire: How is climate change involved?
  13. Anthropogenic stressors and ecosystem degradation
  14. Veganism might be all we need to combat global warming
  15. Need for more policies for combating climate change
  16. Climate change and the extinction of a variety of species
  17. The level of greenhouse gas emissions is interrelated with the rising temperatures.
  18. The common effects of several nations can significantly help to stop climate change.
  19. What are the ethical issues of global warming?
  20. Are carbon trading policies effective in curbing global warming?
  21. Is the future of humanity at risk with the current rates of global warming?
  22. Does politics have any impacts on climate change and global warming?
  23. Politicians have failed in implementing measures to stop climate change and global warming.
  24. Climate change can be stabilized by global warming.
  25. Are international treaties effective in preventing climate change?
  26. Climate change has significantly influenced the availability of food for consumers.
  27. Population shift and climate change. Do they have an influence?
  28. Climate control and global warming: has man become the planet’s enemy?
  29. Climate change is a natural cycle.
  30. Global warming and climate change have greatly led to the death of coral reefs.
  31. Climate change has a deeper connection to human health.
  32. The ecosystem is not affected by changes in climatic patterns.
  33. Evidence for the changes in the environment in historical times
  34. Chemical engineering has had a significant impact on climate change and global warming.
  35. Do you agree with Bill McKibben’s arguments presented on the Rolling Stone article named “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math”?
  36. The business in Florida has been affected by the problems of climate change.
  37. Is it wise for some countries to ignore the looming effects of global warming?
  38. The relationship between urbanization and climate change
  39. Are the rising sea levels affected by global warming and climate change?
  40. The relationship between the war on terror and war on global warming
  41. Is there clear evidence alongside the global climate change predictions?
  42. The pros and cons of global warming
  43. Are human beings capable of fighting the global crisis?
  44. It is an individual responsibility to fight the rapid increase in climate change.
  45. The industrial sector had a major impact on climate change.
  46. Is Mars proving to be a better planet to live in?
  47. Celebrity activists can greatly influence the rapid increase in global warming.
  48. Poor countries have been greatly affected by climate change.
  49. Global warming is a result of the nature of the earth’s system.
  50. The patterns of climate change have significantly affected the frequency and severity of typhoons and hurricanes.
  51. Tracking has contributed to climate change and global warming.
  52. Humanity will not survive the looming threats of climate change.
  53. Climate change is a natural cycle.
  54. Did Obama’s administration take concrete steps in limiting the effects of climate change?
  55. Are climate change and global warming affecting the normal activities in Minnesota?
  56. Will education on the threats of global warming and climate change help in reducing the rising temperatures?
  57. Climate change is not dependent on human activities.
  58. Is climate change a loss to biodiversity and humanity?
  59. Are the efforts of humans to combat climate change effectively?
  60. The diet’s contribution to climate change and global warming
  61. Climate change choices: global cooling or global warming?
  62. Agricultural products are significantly influenced by climate change.
  63. Ongoing global warming on Australia; social, economic, and physical impacts.
  64. Climate change has had an impact on the sea and salinity levels of the Pacific Ocean.
  65. The main theme of Al Gore’s documentary that highlights climate change and global warming
  66. Present your views on David Attenborough’s video that expresses the effects of Climate change
  67. Climate change has negative impacts on human health.
  68. What theory best explains why some countries are relaxed on global warming matters while others are not.
  69. The main causes of the increase in gas emissions from greenhouses
  70. Failure to make an environmental stand: what is looming in the future?
  71. Analysis of the Mauna Loa volcano in relation to climate change
  72. Why should there be a great concern for climate change patterns
  73. Disaster risk management in relation to climate change and global warming
  74. Is climate change a real occurrence or a myth?
  75. Arguing against climate change patterns could be beneficial to business persons and politicians.
  76. What are the ultimate proofs of the existence of climate change?
  77. Will climate change lead to the end of life on planet earth?
  78. Advocacy for the need to ban hydrofracking
  79. The correlation of varying rainfall patterns and human health
  80. Is global warming contributing to allergy-related diseases?
  81. Ocean acidification as a threat to the world’s habitat
  82. Humans are making fewer efforts to fight climate change and global warming.
  83. The scientific consensus on climate change and global warming
  84. The switch to nuclear power in relation to climate change patterns
  85. The adverse effects of deforestation
  86. Is global warming a hoax created by a group of scientists?
  87. It is effortless to take any measures for curbing climate change and global warming.
  88. There is a need to create more efficient measures for controlling the problem of climate change and global warming.
  89. Education on the threats of climate change and the rising temperatures
  90. Global warming might not be dangerous, after all.
  91. There have been fewer efforts to prevent the problems of climate change.
  92. Which countries are greatly implementing policies on reducing global warming?
  93. Ignoring current reports on global warming could lead to a great loss for humanity and biodiversity.
  94. Earth needs healing from global warming and climate change.
  95. Politics has a significant influence on global warming.
  96. Global warming and climate change are slowly affecting human behavior.
  97. Is including global warming education in the syllabus help in eradicating global warming?
  98. Is legislation a good measure in curbing climate change and global warming?
  99. Modern technology is great harm to biodiversity.
  100. Third world countries are more vulnerable to climate change than other countries.

The topics above are few among the several possible climate change argumentative essay topics that you could explore. Ensure that you use the argumentative write style to clearly present your arguments on any of these climate change argumentative essays.

FAQs on Argumentative Essays on Climate Change

Q. What is a Good Thesis Statement for Climate Change?

A good thesis statement on climate change argumentative essay declares the writer’s stance on the topic of discussion. Given this, the climate change thesis statement becomes the focal point of the essay.

Q. Can a Thesis Statement Be a Question?

The thesis statement of any essay cannot be in question form since it declares the writer’s claim or point of view on the subject matter. A global warming thesis statement gives the writer’s views on a certain issue related to climate change and global warming.

Q. What is a Thesis Statement Example?

A good thesis statement declares the writer’s claim and is followed by arguments that back up the thesis statement’s claim. For example, if your climate change essay’s topic is to declare whether climate change is a subject exaggerated by scientists, then the thesis statement could be like;

Due to the research results presented by environmentalists, phenomena such as hurricanes and tornadoes are greatly influenced by climate change patterns.

Q. How do you Start a Climate Change Essay?

A climate change or global warming research paper outline dictates that the essay must begin with an introduction.

Q. How do you Argue a Topic?

In case you are writing an argumentative essay, you should provide arguments that back up the thesis statement’s claims. Additionally, you should include pieces of supporting evidence whenever you introduce an idea in the essay. This way, you are likely to persuade the reader to believe in the same perspective as yourself.

In conclusion, writing good argumentative essays starts with the choice of a good essay topic. The climate change argumentative essay topics will guide you in developing a good essay addressing climate change issues. Using this list by Essay Axe, it becomes easier to outsource arguments that will help you persuade readers on your points of view.

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