50 Alluring Climate Change Essay Hooks

Climate change essay hooks are the best way to make sure your readers will read your entire essay. Having an alluring hook on your climate change essay is what will determine whether a reader will read your work or if they will stop even before they read the whole introduction part.

climate change essay hooks

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50 Alluring Climate Change Essay Hooks
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Writing an essay on climate change does not have to be boring, and your readers will certainly not want to read a very boring essay. Instead, anyone reading an essay on climate change is looking forward to a captivating and engaging essay that they will enjoy. One of the ways you can spark the curiosity of your audience and grab their attention so that they are able to read every word that you write is by using climate change essay hooks.

An essay hook is usually part of the introduction of your essay. A hook is the first few sentences that a reader will read in your essay. Just like the name suggests, the purpose of the hook is to actually hook the reader or get him or her more interested in what you are writing. Moreover, the hook that you use will determine whether the reader will be captivated enough to continue reading your essay or if they will find it dull and boring and stop immediately.

When writing an essay on climate change, it is essential that you select the best and most alluring climate change essay hooks. Furthermore, these hooks will make sure that people are captivated enough to read your essay and get value from your work.

Examples of Climate Change Essay Hooks

When writing an essay on climate change, you will want to interest your readers and, at the same time, give them valuable information. Consequently, you can get the attention of your readers by using some of these alluring climate change essay hooks

Choose the Best Quotes on Climate Change

Climate change is a global concern, and everyone on the planet is expressing their views concerning it. Global leaders are speaking about climate change and what they hope to see in the future.

Consequently, leaders and famous people have issued quotes as a way of sensitizing people on climate change. One of the best ways you can begin your essay on climate change is by using some of these amazing quotes as your hook. Using these inspirational quotes will make your readers captivated enough, and they will keep reading your essay on climate change. Here are some examples

climate change essay hooks

People should protect the planet and hand it over to the next generation. Francis Hollande

The issue that will define this century dramatically will be the threat posed by climate change. Barack Obama

Climate change is an increasing threat it is to investments. Christina Figuere’s

Climate change is a call for collective accountability before it’s too late. Christina Langarde

When a nation does activities that destroy its soil, it’s the same as that nation destroying itself. Dr. Rooselvelt

People should fight for the earth. Hemingsway

The world will be destroyed by those who watch evildoers do evil. Einstein

There are a lot of ideas on climate change, but they need to be funded, Imran

People should not work with corporations in funding activities that cause climate change. Desmond

Using these quotes from leaders and famous people at the beginning of your essay will arouse emotion in readers. Furthermore, the quotes are a call to action that will most likely cause some reaction from your audience.

Interesting Facts on Climate Change

You can use interesting facts about climate change to get your readers’ attention. A fact that will fascinate your readers will make them want to know more about what you have to say concerning climate change. However, as you state these facts, make sure to cite the sources so that your work is more credible. Moreover, it is important to get your facts from credible sources.

According to the UN environment program, the year 2015 to 2019, a five year period and from the year 2010-2019, a ten year period has recorded the highest temperatures.

According to the UN environment program, the year that is recorded to be the hottest is 2019

According to the UN environment program, it is recorded that countries aren’t fulfilling their promises.

Give Advice on Climate Change

Another exciting way to hook your audience and get them interested in your essay is to give them advice on climate change. This type of hook is a win for both the writer and the reader. When you use this hook, the readers get advice and information on climate change, and on the other hand, you will get them interested in what you’re writing. Consequently, they will read your entire essay because they know they can get value.

climate change essay hooks

Here are some examples of climate change essay hooks

Eat less red meat and instead eat more fruits and vegetables and reduce the effects of climate change.

Wash your clothes with cold water and dry them outside this way, you reduce the use of greenhouse gases.

Use energy-efficient bulbs in your house like LED bulbs.

Use renewable energy as much as possible.

Adopt a recycling habit and save the environment

When you cut one tree plat two more

Switch off lights that you are not using in your house

This advice will make the reader want to know why they have to do certain things and how these things are related to climate change. These climate change essay hooks will allure your readers into reading your essay on climate change.

Powerful Statement on Climate Change

You can use a powerful, assertive statement on climate change that connects with your main idea. However, such powerful statements are likely to cause a lot of reaction and feedback. Moreover, it will make the readers curious, and they will want to read the whole essay to find out about your views on the statement. Here are some examples of a powerful statement on climate change


Climate change could be dangerous for the future, the ecosystem, and the progress of the economy of all regions.

There is a concern that all countries, especially the developing countries, have a higher risk of experiencing the negative effects of climate change.

Africa as a region is the most affected by the negative effects of climate change.

These assertive statements are great for climate change essay hooks because they are an indication that you are sure of what you are writing about. Furthermore, they indicate that you have done thorough research on the subject, and you have a good understanding of your thesis statement.

Statistics on Climate Change

You can start your essay with some startling statistics on climate change that will spark the curiosity of your readers and make them want to find out more. However, make sure that you do thorough research, and you get your information for credible and reliable sources. Moreover, always remember to cite your sources. Here are examples of some startling statistics.

C:\Users\susana\Desktop\FREELANCE WORK\Digital\Assign9\image\image4pix.jpg

3-5 million years ago, the earth had the same concentration of carbon dioxide as it does today, and it was 2-3 degrees warmer at sea level of 10-20m. This is according to the UN website on climate change.


Countries have to work 3 times harder on their commitment to limit climate change to 2 degrees according to the Paris agreement. This is according to the UN website on climate change.

Coral reefs will reduce by 70-90 percent if global warming is at 1.5 degrees according to the UN website on climate change.

The World Health Organization estimates that there will be over 25000 deaths as a result of climate change.

Ice that has been lost on the surface of the earth is amounting to 28 trillion tons as a result of global warming. As reported by Statista

In the year 2019, temperatures increased by 0.95 degrees, which is warmer than the 20th century, according to Statista

When you use these interesting statistics as your essay hooks on climate change, you will not only shock your audience, but you also inform them. Furthermore, they will want to know more, and so they will continue reading. Additionally, using these statistics is a clear indication that you have done in-depth research in some of the credible sources and so your writing is reliable.

Define Climate Change

Writing the definition of your subject is another great hook that you can use to keep your audience interested in what you are writing about. However, remember that the definition should not be directly from the dictionary. It should be a way to make the readers have a better understanding of what you are writing about, and when they do, they will be eager to read more.

Here are some great definitions of climate change essay hooks

Climate change is the change of temperature over a long period of time and the change of weather patterns of a particular place.

Climate change is the rising temperature over a very long time globally from the 20th century to today.

Climate is not the same as the weather. Climate is measured for a longer period of time, while weather changes are daily or yearly.

Giving a definition is a clear sign that you have a good understanding of the subject. Moreover, your audience is able to trust you because you seem to be an authority in that field.

Rhetoric Question on Climate Change

A rhetoric question on climate change is a great way to increase the curiosity of your readers. When readers become curious, they will want to know more, and they will continue reading your work. Moreover, the rhetoric question does not require an answer, but when you are writing your essay, you will have to exhaustively address it.

Is enough being done globally to reduce the negative impact of climate change?

Will the efforts towards climate change help the current generation, or is it only for the future generation?

How is carbon emission affecting the economy?

Is it possible to stop using fossils fuel very soon?

Are the efforts towards stopping climate change worth it?

Is there political goodwill for climate change?

Is global warming a fact or fiction?

Is climate change really caused by humans?

What will happen if global temperatures continue to rise?

Do we have a personal responsibility for fighting climate change?


An exciting hook is using descriptions to draw in your readers and make them want more. When using description, you will need to clearly describe the climate using descriptive adjectives that will draw a vivid picture in the mind of the readers.

Moreover, engaging the senses of your readers will make them more eager to read and satisfy their curiosity. Here are some examples of descriptive hooks on climatic conditions

The average temperature of a tropical rain forest is 28 degrees. It usually experiences warm and wet temperatures at the same time, and it’s the home to different species of plants and insects.

The desert is hot and dry at the same time. It experiences high temperatures of up to 40 degrees that causes water to evaporate. The desert has extreme weather conditions and sandy soil.

Greenlands are covered with ice of up to 1500m. It is one of the coldest places in the world with temperature of up to 0 degrees.

Descriptions will engage all the senses of your readers and make them want to know or hear more about the place.


Contractions are a good way to make your readers more curious and keep them reading your essay on climate change. They will want to find out why you are using two contradicting ideas. Here is an example of climate change essay hook using a contradiction

Human activities are known to be the main cause of climate change as a result of high temperatures, and it is a human activity that will stop climate change and high temperatures.

This contradiction of human activity will make a reader want to know how it can cause the negative effects of climate change and, at the same time, stop it. You will need to address the contradiction in your essay, and for your readers to find out, they will have to keep reading.

Misconceptions Concerning Climate Change

Misconceptions can be one of the best climate change essay hooks that you can use to draw your readers into reading the whole essay. They will want to read your views concerning the misconception and how you clarify them. Here are some examples of misconceptions

Climate change has always been there.

For plants to grow they require carbon dioxide

Global warming is factious, and temperatures are not high.

Climate change will only affect future generations.

People only want to make money using renewable energy.

Polar bears are not affected by climate change.

Renewable energy can only be used in certain conditions and not others.

Animals will not be affected by climate change.

Human eradication will solve climate change.

China is the cause of climate change

Tips on Writing Climate Change Essay Hooks

Climate change essay hooks don’t have to be boring to write or read. They can be easy to write and enjoyable to read. Furthermore, they can make your readers look forward to reading your essay as long as you carefully select the appropriate hook. Here are a few tips that can help you know how to allure your audience into reading your climate change essay and enjoying every word. However, it is important to note that not all essay hooks will be appropriate for your topic.

The Topic of your Essay

The topic you have will determine which type of essay hook you will use. If you are writing on climate change, then you will have to make sure you pick climate change essay hooks that are connected to your topic.

The Style and Tone of your Essay

Climate change is a bit serious and requires climate change essay hooks that will bring out the seriousness of the topic. Furthermore, using humor, for example, might not work out well for this type of writing. Alternatively using, quotes declarations or advice is better.

Your Audience

When selecting climate change, essay hooks always have your audience in mind. Find out if it will be appropriate to use a story, a contradiction, or a misconception. Moreover, use what you think will appeal more to your audience and what will make them want to read all your writing.


Climate change essay hooks are the best way to make readers interested in what you have to write in your essay. The essay hooks will have to be exciting to the reader and spark the curiosity in them that will make them attentively read your whole essay. However, no matter how good and inspirational your essay is if the hook, which is the beginning of your essay is not captivating enough, nobody will want to read it. However, you can do your research and choose from a variety of types of climate change hooks and use them to allure your readers into your writing. Check out Essayaxe.com the best online essay help service.

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