200 Relevant College Essay Topics in 2020

Essay writing is a fundamental element in the curriculum. Various aspects and fields of study at some point require you to write an essay on certain principles. However, the selection of these topics can be a challenge. On the other hand, it is through the essay that you will express and outline what you have learned to your professor. College essay topics are vast and require keen attention in choosing one. Essays form the basis of grading in college and, thus, should be taken seriously. It is for this reason that essayaxe.com outlines the 200 relevant college essay topics in 2020.

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200 Relevant College Essay Topics in 2020
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Writing the different types of essays effectively is vital to succeeding in your academic performance. Essay writing form the basis of school assignments and various tests, and key on the application for colleges. Usually, selecting the right essay topic when responding to a writing prompt is essential to getting the question right. There are several essays one can write on. However, there are five major types of essays. Choosing the best college essay topics is made easy with this list of 200 relevant college essay topics in 2020 put together by Essay Axe.

How Do You Start a College Essay Topic?

It is good to start with a question you will provide answers to in the course of your work. You can also begin with a fact that will draw the attention of your audience.

The introduction introduces the reader to two topics. It is important to make it appealing, believable, and strong.

You can also decide to provide some background information on the topics you are going to compare and contrast.

Finish up the introduction with a precise statement. That is to say; the statement should be an overall view of the essay. It will be easy to start the essay once you have your introduction. In case you still have challenges or find assignments overwhelming; you can hire essayaxe.com best essay writers for college essay topics that stand out.

What Are Good Topics for a College Essay?

Every student has the objective of writing creative college essay topics that ensure that all the required information is available. Therefore, Essay Axe offers these unique college essay topics to help in the attainment of the aim.

college essay topics

Five Major Types of Essays

Determining the objective of the writer is the simplest way to distinguish between the various types of essays. Is the aim of the writer to compare and contrast various aspects, to convince the reader to align their views towards a certain direction, give a description of something, or tell about an experience? Thus, the five major types of essays highlight these aims.

  1. Compare and contrast essays
  2. Narrative essays
  3. Persuasive essays
  4. Expository essays
  5. Descriptive essays

Compare and Contrast College Essay Topics

A compare and contrast essay is an essay expounding on the differences and similarities between two subjects. These are two different subjects put in the same category of analysis.

Sometimes, you might think that writing an essay on a single topic is challenging enough! And is probably wondering where to start with a band comprehensive essay on two subjects?

Worry no more, here is a step-by-step guide by Essay Axe on how to write a compare and contrast essay.

  1. Step 1 – select your topics
  2. Step 2 – analyze the similarities and differences
  3. Step3 – concentrate on your main argument
  4. Step 4 – Decide on the structure of your organization
  5. Step 5 – write an outline
  6. Step 6 – insert supportive evidence
  7. Step 7- use transitional words in your essay
  8. Step 8 – revise carefully and proofread your essay

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Examples of compare and contrast college essay topics list include:

  1. Presidency vs. anarchy
  2. Theology vs. philosophy
  3. Which are most lucrative in the job market: arts vs. sciences
  4. What are the cons and pros: hostels vs. renting
  5. State the major differences: boarding schools vs day schools
  6. Discuss: research papers vs essay papers
  7. College education: should it be free vs not free?
  8. The army vs the navy
  9. What are the differences and similarities in teachings: the bible vs the Quran?
  10. Which is superior: communism vs capitalism
  11. what is the difference: democracy vs dictatorship?
  12. Plants vs animals
  13. What is the difference in power: presidency vs monarchy?
  14. What are the governance differences: western governments vs African governments?
  15. Elaborate: movement vs locomotion
  16. Expound: reality movies vs fiction
  17. Discuss: the African version of beauty vs the American version of beauty
  18. Which is better: air transport vs water transport
  19. Movies vs books
  20. Capitalism vs communalism
  21. Private vs public universities
  22. Devolved government vs centralized government
  23. Yahoo vs google
  24. Introverts vs extroverts
  25. Monogamy vs polygamy
  26. Manual vs automatic vehicles
  27. Acoustic vs electric guitars
  28. IOS vs android

Narrative College Essay Topics

Narrative essays are to create vivid pictures in the mind of the reader. Writers present narrative essays in the form of stories.

The following are college essay topic on narrative essays list:

  1. First day on a new job
  2. Gaining faith
  3. Losing spirituality
  4. Your experience in sports
  5. Conflict with parents
  6. An influential moment in your childhood
  7. A time you developed different ideas about the older and the younger generation
  8. An event that changed how you relate with your parents
  9. A moment when you received a gift you unexpected on your graduation
  10. A situation when you faced racial discrimination
  11. Moments when you faced religious discrimination
  12. Influence of technology on your hobbies
  13. The hilarious task you performed in university
  14. Describe your persona in social media
  15. Tell about a book you read that changed your perspective towards life.
  16. The strangest experience with your club or team members
  17. Talk about who you would invite to your talk show.
  18. When you made the greatest accomplishment outside the college
  19. Discuss the most complex college assigned you scored the highest grades
  20. Your first day of college.

Persuasive College Essay Topics

Persuasive essays aim at attempting to convince readers to agree with your perspective on an argument. Additionally, persuasive essays focus more on the side the writer or author concurs with, on the other hand, argumentative essays rely on facts and data to support their arguments.


The following is a list of narrative college essay topics list.

  1. Is music an effective technique to cure mental illness?
  2. Should people who earn more money pay more taxes?
  3. Should all colleges make a compulsory class on financial literacy?
  4. Is it okay for hotels to eliminate tipping and instead, raise the wages for their staff?
  5. Should the United States impose more tariffs?
  6. Do college students ought to have their student loans forgiven?
  7. Should public universities be free?
  8. Are the ACT and SAT the best and accurate techniques to measure student’s intelligence?
  9. Is it okay to substitute sign language for a foreign language?
  10. What are the best means to eliminate cheating in college?
  11. Should there be limits to freedom of speech?
  12. Is it advisable to have college students perform community service before graduation?
  13. Should recycling be mandatory?
  14. Should there be situations where corporal punishment be allowed?
  15. Is it advisable to have children below 18 years undergo cosmetic surgery?
  16. Does foreign help in the development of countries?
  17. Who was the most effective president of the United States?
  18. Is individual privacy more important than national security?
  19. What is ye responsibility of the government towards helping the internally displaced people?
  20. Who was the least effective president of the United States?

Expository College Essay Topics

Expository or exploratory essays enable the writer to provide a comprehensive explanation around an idea or a theory with supporting factual evidence in a sensible manner.

college essay topics

The following are examples of expository college essay topics list.

  1. How do you handle unequal treatment and double standards in the workplace?
  2. Why do women stay in abusive relationships?
  3. What are some of the occasions where people experience gender inequality at work?
  4. Which subtle racist remarks to people make unaware?
  5. What are some of the appliances we should stop using to reduce the impact of global warming?
  6. Which new technology releases the most gases of the greenhouse, and how do you prevent it?
  7. Given an opportunity to develop a phone application to help save the environment, what would it be?
  8. How do 3D printing impact fashion, technology, and medicine?
  9. Do you think Japan should still manufacture and distribute androids?
  10. If you could invent a cure for some of the incurable diseases, which would you select?
  11. How do you think the various appropriate bodies and the government deal with new viruses like Covid-19?
  12. What does it feel like being an informal settler or an illegal immigrant entail?
  13. How does the escalation of app-based accommodation and travel impact the sales of hotels?
  14. Given a chance to exist in a fictional world, which book would you select and why?
  15. Which are the most memorable and significant art pieces in the period of renaissance?
  16. What is the impact of rap music in your life?
  17. If you can write a book, what would it be and why?
  18. Which are the best materials for sustainable structures?
  19. Which religion would you introduce to your kind, and why?
  20. What are your views on religion and psychology?

Descriptive College Essay Topics

Descriptive essays are essays dealing with memories, imaginations, impressions, psychological associations, feelings, etc. also, descriptive essays do not require comprehensive reading on a given topic.

college essay topics

The following is a list of descriptive college essay topics list:

  1. Great scientists
  2. Brilliant technology
  3. Future of cloning on earth
  4. First time I fell in love
  5. The sky infinity
  6. The earth from the perspective of astronauts
  7. How can you make the world a better place?
  8. The universe magnificence
  9. Exploits with science
  10. Meaning of life
  11. Philosophy of my life
  12. Demand and need of love in people’s life.
  13. My greatest philosopher
  14. Religious confessions
  15. How I view God
  16. Olympic championship
  17. What is it like to be a pilot?
  18. A day of a doctor in the ER
  19. Responsibilities and duties of an engineer
  20. Superstitions
  21. Computers – an essential appliance in your life
  22. Describe your best summer vacation
  23. Talk about the best symposium you took part in
  24. Describe the invention of phones
  25. Your favorite outdoor sport
  26. Describe your best college project
  27. Describe a special time you spent with your family.

Informative Essay Topics for College Students

An informative essay is a form of essay writing for an audience who need information. To write a comprehensive top-notch informative essay, you must assume that the audience id totally oblivious to the topic under discussion. That is to say, informative essay writing is all about providing an in-depth and comprehensive explanation of a topic, including all the great details.

college essay topics

The following are examples of informative college essay topics list:

  1. Domestic violence
  2. Techniques for saving money
  3. How to redecorate a home
  4. Ways to get a new job
  5. How to pay for college
  6. Alcohol addiction
  7. Cosmetic surgery
  8. Poverty
  9. Depression and stress
  10. Procrastination
  11. Commercial sex working
  12. Lottery success
  13. Illegal immigration
  14. Anorexia
  15. Reasons for homelessness in San Francisco
  16. The revolving door of crime
  17. Rising poverty rates in the western world
  18. Tanning
  19. Tattoos
  20. Racism
  21. Campus violence
  22. Teenage pregnancy
  23. Street families
  24. Obesity in children
  25. Overcrowding in prisons
  26. Cybersecurity
  27. Social media among teens
  28. Music censorship

Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

An argumentative essay is an essay that presents arguments about both sides of the issue at hand. There are two major ways of presenting your argumentative essay. First, you can balance both sides of the issue. Secondly, you can present one side more forcefully than the other and pick a stand.

college essay topics

The format of an argumentative essay is as follows:

  1. The introduction – this is where you grab the attention of the reader, it is the hook and provides the background information of the subject, and finally, it ends with a thesis statement.
  2. Body – three to four body paragraphs presenting the three or four major arguments.
  3. A counterargument – this is the section detailing an argument to disprove earlier arguments and provide weight to your actual position on the subject matter.
  4. Conclusion – at the conclusion, you rephrase the thesis statement, the major points, and conclude by providing concluding remarks.

The following are examples of argumentative college essay topics list:

  1. Is affirmative action fair?
  2. Should the federal government legalize marijuana?
  3. Is college admission too competitive?
  4. Should abortion be illegal?
  5. Are there benefits of attending single-sex boarding schools?
  6. Does religion cause war?
  7. Is it okay for same-sex couples to get married?
  8. Should the consent age be increased or decreased?
  9. Are beauty contests exploitative?
  10. Are tests such as SAT and ACT effective?
  11. Disadvantages and advantages of an MBA program.
  12. Is the current grading in academics helping improve performance?
  13. Individuals taking steroids should be banned from taking part in sports.
  14. Is there a demand for gold?
  15. Should courts document their proceedings for the television?
  16. Generally, is there justice?
  17. Advantages and disadvantages of globalization
  18. Should English be the official language in the United States?
  19. Do violent video games influence behavior?
  20. Are Chief Executive Officers, CEOs, paid too much?
  21. Should there be term limits for the members of congress?
  22. Does access to contraceptives encourage fornication?
  23. Are athletes paid too much?
  24. Should the government dictate our diets?
  25. Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of citizens’ privacy?
  26. Are cell phones dangerous?
  27. Do curfews keep teenagers out of trouble?
  28. Should smoking of cigarettes be banned?
  29. Is cheating among students out of control?

English Essay Topics for College Students

Sometimes it becomes a great challenge when selecting essay writing topics in English. Essays make the best part of assignments, and therefore, essayaxe.com ensures to provide you with creative writing topics for college students.

college essay topics

  1. How globalization affects the economy
  2. Effects of credit culture
  3. What are the causes and effects of terrorism?
  4. Causes of heart problems
  5. Effects of online dating
  6. How happy relationships affect a person
  7. Influence of uber on taxi drivers
  8. Causes and impacts of racism
  9. What causes tsunami
  10. Impact of genetically engineered food
  11. Effects of smoking on pregnant women
  12. How the war in Syria Affects the United States
  13. The causes of divorce
  14. Effects of drugs on the human body
  15. Social media influence and impacts on young people
  16. Depression and stress effects on health
  17. Natural disasters and the dangers that come along with them
  18. Effects of music on the human body
  19. Growing up with a single parent
  20. Impact of professional sport on children
  21. Effects of cyberbullying on children
  22. Domestic violence
  23. Influence of the internet on kids
  24. Effects of population
  25. Reasons and impacts of the popularity of fast-food restaurants
  26. The impact of the civil war movement
  27. Growing up in a poor neighborhood
  28. Influence of movies on teenagers

Are you still having any questions on essay topics for grade and college essay examples? Visit essayaxe.com for more guidance and more information on related articles.

In conclusion, always ensure that you select an essay topic that is essential for you. Furthermore, choosing the right essay topic makes your reasons and impacts more successful. It is for this reason that Essay Axe provides you with the 200 relevant college essay topics in 2020.

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