How to Write an English Reflective Essay Assignment

Writing an English reflective essay assignment requires that you creatively describe a past experience from your present. It is a personal type of writing where you describe how an event or a situation has impacted you.

english reflective essay assignment

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How to Write an English Reflective Essay Assignment
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An English reflective essay assignment is a creative piece of writing that vividly describes an event or a situation to your readers. It is a very descriptive writing that requires you to engage all your senses and describe in detail what you saw, heard, sensed, and even felt.

Moreover, you create a vivid mental picture to your readers where they can almost smell, touch, hear, and even feel what you felt. Additionally, you will need to spark their imagination by using descriptive adjectives in explaining every little detail that will make your audience almost have the same experience as you did.

English Reflective Essay Assignment Thesis Statement

The thesis statement of your English reflective essay assignment is the main idea of your reflective essay. It forms the theme of your entire essay, and it’s the basis from which other ideas will flow, and it helps you stay focused and relevant.

The Structure of your Reflective Essay Assignment

Just like any other essay, a reflective essay has a structure. The structure of a reflective essay brings organization and a good flow to your work. Moreover, it makes your essay easy for your audience to read and understand. Here is how a reflective essay is structured.


The introduction is a very important part of your English reflective essay assignment. When your introduction is dull and boring, readers will not continue to read your work. However, an introduction that is catchy and exciting will draw in your audience. An exciting introduction will spark the curiosity of your readers and make them want to read your entire essay.

You can use a hook to capture the attention of your audience. You can start by narrating a little bit of the most exciting part of your essay at the beginning of your introduction. However, you need to be careful not to write your entire story at the beginning of your essay, but just enough to keep your readers interested and captivated enough to read the whole essay.

english reflective essay assignment


The body of your English reflective essay assignment is where you write about your subject or topic in a reflective manner. A reflective essay is about your personal experience, and you are allowed to be as honest as possible. However, you are required to describing how a situation or an event impacted you positively or negatively and the impact that experience had on you.

Describe your Experience

When writing the body of your reflective essay, you are expected to reflect back to a situation and relieve all the feelings and emotions that you experienced. You can take time before you start writing to remember the events that happened and note them down. Try to remember the feeling, smell, texture, mood, taste, and describe them thoroughly using different descriptive adjectives.

Also, remember that the aim of the reflective essay is to write a past experience from the present and make the readers have an almost similar experience.

Lessons you Have Learned from Experience

A reflective essay is not just a story from your past. However, it is an essay where you write about the lessons you learned as a result of that experience you went through. You are expected to truthfully describe a positive or negative experience as well as the outcome of the experience regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. Furthermore, a reflective essay helps you to critique a situation and learn from it, which makes you a critical thinker.


Your English reflective essay assignment should have a solid conclusion. In your conclusion, you will need to summarize the points that you have highlighted in your reflective essay. You will also need to summarize the lessons learned and give your final thoughts concerning your experience and the outcome.

A Plan on Writing English Reflective Essay Assignment

Writing a reflective essay may seem easy, but it can turn out to be a daunting task if you do not have a clear plan in place before starting. However, a good plan will guarantee you a great reflective essay and good marks in your assignment.

english reflective essay assignment

A plan will keep you focused on your subject, and you will be able to incorporate all your key points in your essay. It acts as a map that guides you through your writing. Here is what you should consider in developing a plan for your English reflective essay assignment.

Pick a Topic

The first step to writing a reflective essay is to choose a topic. In your essay assignment, your instructor might have picked a topic for you, or he or she could ask you to select a topic of your choice. Either way, it is essential that you first pick a topic before you can start writing your essay. Here are examples of some of the topics for a reflective essay

Places you Have Visited

You can decide to write a reflective essay on the various places that you have visited in the past and share the experience with your audience. Examples of these places can be a trip to the countryside, mountain climbing, a walk on the beach, a special room or a relative’s house.

An Event that Changed your Life

You can share with your readers’ experience in the event that changed your life. The experience can be a positive or a negative one. However, you will need to be truthful about it. For example, you can share your success or failure in something you attempted to do. You can also share something new that you discovered, an experience, a memory, or a fear that you overcame.

Your Most Important Thoughts

In an essay, you can be required to write a topic about some of the most interesting things that you think about. For example, you can write about a dream of things that you think about and feel are you’re most dominant emotions

english reflective essay assignment

Your Best Experiences

When you are writing your essay, you can choose a topic on some of the best experiences that you have enjoyed. You can write about the best places that you have gone to or an event you attended that impacted you in a big way

People Who Have Impacted your Life Significantly

In your English reflective essay assignment you can write how people in your life have impacted you, through their deeds or words. You can include your relatives, colleagues, boss, friends who have helped you to accomplish something in your life.

The Things that Gives you Inspiration

The thing that inspires you and keeps you motivated can be a great topic for your essay assignment. These could be the things that make you feel good about yourself. Moreover, you can describe how these things have become a part of your life and the lessons you have gotten from them.

Understand your Topic

After you have selected a topic, make sure you carefully analyze it and understand what it is all about. If you do not understand the topic you are writing about, you will most likely lose track and direction. However, taking time to think through the topic will give you a clear understanding of what you are supposed to write in your assignment.

Make your Rough Copy

A rough copy of your work is the best way to start your writing. Clearly organize your thoughts and write down what comes to mind at that time. Your rough copy might not be very organized, but it is a great way to get your key points. Furthermore, with your rough draft, you can edit your work as many times as possible as you slowly get the picture of what you want to write about. A rough draft is a blueprint for your English reflective essay.

english reflective essay assignment

Choose a Reflective Question

These are questions that will help you to write your personal experience in the right way. They will help you to explain how the experience you are writing about has impacted you and the lessons that you have learned from these experiences.

Additionally, they help you to think of alternative methods that you would have used to get different results in the same scenario. As you answer these questions, you are able to engage your mind in thinking in very many different ways.

Give your Answer

Give the correct answers. By giving correct answers, you are able to do a good analysis of the circumstances that you were in as you keenly look at all the possible solutions. Analyzing your experience becomes much easier as you reflect back at what was and what could have been.

Identify the Lessons from your Experience

In your English reflective essay assignment, describe what you have learned. When you are able to point out the lessons from your real-life experience, then your experience is not just an ordinary story. It means that the experience made an impact on your life

Do your Last Copy

Lastly, you can now do your English reflective essay assignment. After working on putting together all your thoughts and you have noted all your main points, you can now do the last copy. Make sure you counter check every detail. Although you are writing about your life story, your grammar and other details have to be well written. Make sure your work is coherent and excellently done to give your readers an excellent experience.

Make sure you use relevant references in your work and mention the source of your writing. Although you are writing about your experience, you need to relate it to other external facts. This way, you will add credibility to what you are sharing, and readers are able to relate with your experience.

english reflective essay assignment

Why You Should Have a Plan

Having a plan is the first step in passing your English college admission essay. This way, you are able to stay on course and deliver quality. Here is why you need a plan

Add your Most Relevant Information

A plan will make sure that your important information is included in your work. You are unlikely to forget the most important piece of your experience or event. However, lack of planning can make you forget about an experience that was very relevant. A plan minimizes your chances of making mistakes and forgetting information.

It Gives Guidance

A plan is like a guide on how you can structure your work and make it flow from start to finish. It also gives you an idea of how your final work will look like, and you can easily make changes before you write your last copy. You can always use your plan to refer back to your work in case you make a mistake. When you have a guiding plan, your ideas will flow in an organized manner, and you will be able to write in a flowing sequence.

Good Time Management

Having a plan is a great way to manage your time. You can quickly write your last copy because you have an outline that gives you direction on what to write.

What You Should Consider in an English Reflective Essay Assignment

English reflective essay assignment is like any other essay and should be well written and organized. It should be easy to read and understand, and it should flow from start to end. To help you have a well-formatted and organized assignment here is what you need to always have in mind

Clear Organization

Make sure your reflective essay is well organized by using the correct structure. Pick a topic for your reflective essay, identify your thesis, and write a catchy introduction using a hook. Let your writing flow to the body of your reflective essay and finally write your conclusion and share your final thoughts about your experience its impact on your life.

english reflective essay assignment

Well Organized Paragraphs

Your paragraphs should have a good flow, from the first paragraph to the last one, and they should be focused. Use the correct format and tone and make sure your writing is coherent. Furthermore, you can read essays from magazines, newspapers, or other materials to get insight into the tone and writing style that is typically used in an essay.

Use Examples

You can use examples in your reflective essay to add depth to your writing. Clearly explain your examples in detail. Using examples from credible sources is evidence of a well thought out and researched essay. State your facts clearly and cite references.

Do Research

A reflective essay is usually personal and focuses on you and your experiences. However, you can use external sources of information to validate your views and analysis, and this will require you to do some research. Presenting solid facts and evidence and citing sources of your information gives your essay depth and credibility.

Have Well-Constructed Sentences

Your English reflective essay assignment should have well-constructed sentences, and you should use the correct tone. Moreover, a reflective essay is personal, and so you can use the first-person narrative when writing about your experiences. Be more descriptive and specific, and avoid vague phrases. Choose the correct vocabulary, and if you are not sure of which ones to use, you can do some research.

Use Correct Grammar

Proofread your work and make sure it has correct grammar and punctuation. Grammatical errors in your English reflective essay assignment can make you lose marks. Furthermore, grammatical errors will make your work lose credibility, and readers will not enjoy reading an essay that has grammar and punctuation mistakes.

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What You Should Avoid

When you are writing your reflective essay here are some things you need to avoid

Over Thinking

Once you have come up with your topic and plan, just write and do not overthink. When you overthink, you might get stuck and not be able to pick an experience and write about it.

Don’t Be Vague

A reflective essay is supposed to be as descriptive as possible. Avoid vague statements like saying something was nice or good. Instead, use descriptive adjectives and make your writing more interesting.

Don’t Use Slang

Although a reflective essay is personal, you should not use slang. Instead, use the correct format and be formal.


English reflective essay assignment is a type of creative writing that allows you to write about your personal life experiences and critically analyze them. Like any other essay, a reflective essay assignment should be well structured, and the structure should comprise of a topic, an introduction, a thesis statement, a body, and a solid conclusion.

What makes a reflective essay, reflective is the fact that you reflect back on past experience and draw lessons from it and describe how that experience shaped your life. Your reflective essay should be coherent, engaging, and supported by evidence to give your writing credibility. You can quickly write your reflective essay if you follow this guideline. For more on how to write a reflective essay, check out the best online essay help service.

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