Evaluative Essay Writing 10 Comprehensive Tips

An evaluative essay is helpful to individuals. Whether a person wants to know about a business, their product, and services, they can simply look for their evaluation, which gives them an overview of the whole information. An evaluative essay helps you know what to expect since you already have an overview of all details. On the internet, you will find written evaluation examples that will give you guidance. You find a group evaluative essay or class evaluative essay where the most important thing is getting detailed information on what you are looking for.

evaluative essay

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Evaluative Essay Writing 10 Comprehensive Tips
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How Do You Write an Evaluative Essay?

The main goal if an evaluative essay is to present the overall view of quality for particular services, items, or business. This type of essay naturally features elements of the writer’s opinion; when correctly done, it should not appear opinionated. When writing this kind of essay, the production of a reasonable and unbiased is an essential skill to master. What is an evaluative essay Example? It’s an example of a well explained evaluative essay that gives readers an idea of how to write one. Below are the steps for writing an evaluation essay:

Choose Your Topic

The first step for any essay is choosing a topic. Depending on whether a professor has assigned, if not, it’s advisable to pick a topic you are familiar with. Dig deeper into your topic and ensure you are familiar with the topic to make a valuable judgment, hence the importance of choosing you are knowledgeable of.

Write A Thesis Statement

It’s the key element of the essay as it sets the overall evaluation purpose. The thesis helps you state the criteria being used to the state and items value. Your statement, according to all essays, needs to be apparent to the point. As your essay takes shape, you may be required to revise it slightly.

To Assess the Product, Determine the Criteria

For your writing to be interesting, choose different benchmarks. The choice of your criteria will vary depending on your evaluation.

Look for Supportive Evidence

Always put in mind that an essay is not just your opinion. Look for supportive clues from credible sources for every judgment made.

Draft Your Essay

Produce your essay’s first draft. At this stage, writing is the best course of action. Once you have written something down on a paper, it’s easy to restructure and flesh out areas that are not as strong as others.

Review, Revise and Rewrite

Once you are done with the first draft, read over the work, and make the necessary changes. To get it writ, you need to rewrite the essay several times.

evaluative essay

What Is an Evaluative Thesis?

An evaluative thesis is a claim that provokes opposition. A judgment call is made. It declares a subject to be worse or better than others. Learn some evaluative thesis statements examples:

  • The carbohydrate-free Paleo diet is all the rage, but studies show a balanced diet that is rich in whole grains to be healthier for your heart
  • Some would argue that civil war was a war for freedom from the government, but those who sought freedom for individuals knew which has more fundamental rights
  • Although solar panels and wind turbines both create fewer greenhouse gasses compared to fossil fuels, solar panels are more environmentally friendly

It is essential to understand your assignment to identify what to develop. Assignments, sometimes referred to as prompts, can be tailored towards one or the other. Visit https://writingcenter.fas.harvard.edu/pages/strategies-essay-writing to learn more about evaluative essays.

What Is Evaluative Essay?

An evaluative essay aims to demonstrate the overall quality of a certain business, product service, place, or program. Any evaluation entails injecting some form of opinion, and if an evaluation is done correctly, it should not seem as opinionated. Instead, it needs to be unbiased and reasoned. For this to happen, there is a need to establish fair and clear judgment, criteria, and evidence.


In the plural, its criterion, meaning, establishing an idea for the place, product, or where the service should be. It’s demonstrating what one expects as the ideal outcome. Having clear criteria keeps the evaluation from looking like an opinion. For example, if you are evaluating a restaurant, you need to establish criteria on the quality of food, service, cleanliness, and price. These are some of the criteria a good restaurant will adhere to; this criterion is then applied to the specific restaurant you are evaluating.

The Judgement

It is establishing whether or not the criteria are met. The judgment is what it is, in other words. Using your criteria, you judge whether a restaurant meets or exceeds the required standards or not.

The Evidence

Its details are offered to support the judgment. When evaluating a restaurant, your judgment may be based on a lack of quality food. There is a need to support the judgment using a variety of reasons to indicate how you came up with that conclusion.

Generally, in an evaluation essay, every paragraph focuses on one specific criterion. Ecplain the criterion fully, followed by a variety of evidence and the judgment offered as support. Due to this reason, it important for an evaluation to include different judgment, criteria, and evidence.

Provide an overall of the thesis statement. For any evaluation, the thesis is a comprehensive assessment of what’s been evaluated. If the criteria, evidence, and judgment once again are clear, the overall thesis as well should be.

How to Write an Evaluation Report?

An evaluation report helps you share key recommendations and findings with external and internal stakeholders. Use the report to communicate the values to founders, how you work or share good practice with other organizations. When writing an evaluation report, you need to:

Consider Your Audience

Please think of the people you are communicating to know what to inform them. You should consider:

  • The kind of information they need
  • How they expect the information to be presented
  • Why they need the information and as a result, what would you want them to do
  • Are there any accessibility needs that need to be considered?

Plan Your Report

It is easier to read a report with a clear structure. Before writing, plan your headings and subheadings. Most evaluation reports have the following sections:

  • Executive summary: it’s a synopsis of the key recommendations and findings
  • Introduction: it’s a brief introduction of what you are evaluating, the method you are using and the purpose of your evaluation
  • Discussion and findings: It’s the information on what you deliver, how it’s delivered and the ways you are using {interview, survey}
  • Recommendations: actions is taken to respond to the evaluation findings

Write Your Findings

What are you reporting: reports vary depending on the nature of your job, but it is essential to include your conclusions on:

  • Outcome- what outcomes have you achieved, under what circumstances, and for who. Report on the intended outcome you have not achieved
  • Output- what has been delivered, to whom and where. Report on how beneficiaries were satisfied with your output
  • Processes- inform how you came up your output. This information is essential to explain why something worked well or why it did not

Describe and Interpret Data

Your report should describe the data and interpret it. It helps to analyze your data before you start writing. Description means presenting what the data tells you. Interpretation moves beyond the definition of what the data means. Ensure your word is reported for the readers to identify when you are interpreting and to describe the data.

Use Subheadings to Structure Your Ideas

Subheading makes your report clear to readers. Looking back at the theory of changes and evaluation framework helps you generate subheading ideas. For each intended outcome, make subheadings. There are times you have data outcomes from a range of different sources such as interviews, questionnaires, secondary data, and observation.

Chose How to Represent Your Data

A common mistake is trying to represent all the data instead of focusing on what’s important. It helps narrow down what people need to know when reading the report.

Write Clearly and Accurately

It is vital to write clearly and accurately for the report to be understood easily and not misleading.

Be Transparent

Being transparent means being open on what you can’t and can say and be clear on how you concluded on that and your data limitations. It is essential both to minimize bias when reporting and collecting data.

Checking Consent and Anonymity

When collecting data, the respondent says whether they want or not to remain anonymous and whether you should check with them before using a case study or quotes in the report. Take time to check everything before completing the report. Depending on the essay’s size and the ease of identifying individuals, you may have to change names for persons to be anonymous.

evaluative essay

Use Clear Language

The evaluation report needs to be precise as possible and clear the wording. Be careful about using words such as prove, proof. To prove something needs 100% certainty, and in most cases, you can’t achieve it. Keep your language straightforward and straightforward. Explain any unfamiliar terminologies to the audience.

Develop Your Recommendation

Recommendations are one of the essential parts of the report. A good suggestion is highly used. Implement a recommendation when:

  • Supported by evidence- clearly explain how the request builts on the report. It helps structure in the same order the proposals as the main findings to help readers understand each evidence base
  • Specific- specify the necessary action to be taken and why
  • Achievable and realistic- requests need to be feasible. Categorize them on which ones are easy and not easy to implement.
  • Prioritize- it’s necessary to indicate some priorities for action.

Involve People in The Reporting Process

You can involve at some points beneficiaries, other people, and other staff. It is okay to co-produce recommendations by sharing findings with stakeholders and ask them for suggestions and prioritize requests. As you do this, guide people carefully and base the advice on the evidence and not their preoccupation and interests.

Finish the Report

Dedicate time for several report drafts and ensure there are people available to review for you the reports. A different person should look at it. To complete the report, set aside time to edit and proofread, checking for designs and references, and, if needed, print. In appendices, you may need to include data that helps to organize the work in your field and improve the evaluation.

How to Write an Evaluation Paragraph?

In an evaluation paragraph, you make judgments about ideas, people, and possible actions. Your evaluation bases are on the criteria you developed.

How To Write An Evaluative essay Example Of A Restaurant

  • When writing an evaluative essay, the first thing is choosing a topic. In our case, we already have a topic. We are evaluating a restaurant of our choice
  • Secondly, you select a thesis statement. The thesis statement will help you set the overall purpose of your evaluation. At this point, identify the criteria to use
  • Use different benchmarks at this point to make your writing engaging. I a restaurant you can evaluate the service, food and overall appearance which make a substantial difference to customers
  • Have supportive evidence in your restaurant. Do your research and rely on other people’s opinions. Ask around from the managers, employees, and other customers more about the restaurant to get lots of insights. The managers and employees will be able to offer credible information that you did not know while customers on the other side will provide you with their own experiences on the quality of food, service and the ambiance
  • With all the information you have gathered, produce the first draft of your essay. Write whatever information you have.
  • After finishing the draft, read through and make any changes

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