How to Improve Creative Writing Skills

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A creative writer always strives to tell a unique story in a distinctive voice that the audience appreciates. Yet, with all the creative and fiction writing already out there, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to produce work that people find to be genuinely creative. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly important for new writers to know how to improve creative writing skills.

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How to Improve Creative Writing Skills
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You may be a first-time writer looking to write a compelling creative writing paper, a hobbyist who’s working on a novel, or a seasoned professional writer who is simply looking to better his/her writing. Whatever your reason for wanting to know more about how to improve creative writing skills, creating yourself some space to take note of the basics is always a good place to start.

If you aspire to be a novelist when you grow up but don’t think that your English skills can’t quite cut it, you are in the right place. Perhaps, you just need the right inspiration to get you off your feet. If that’s so, then this excerpt is for you.

How to Improve Creative Writing Skills

What is Creative Writing?

Before we delve into how you can improve your creative writing skills, it’s important that you know what creative writing is first.

This is a form of writing that puts creativity at the forefront of its purpose. By this, we mean that you, the writer, must employ your creativity, imagination, and innovation to share your story using strong written visuals. There’s no better way to put it, really. To write a successful creative story that your readers can connect to isn’t easy. Your writing must be able to inspire an emotional connection and impact with the reader.

Think of creative writing as the opposite of academic or journalistic writing. Unlike other forms of writing, creative writing isn’t limited to factual data. But rather, your imagination. Therefore, your writing score is basically limitless.

As you well know by now, all writing doesn’t read in the same way. And creative writing isn’t any different.

Some examples of creative writing include:

  • Poetry
  • Novels
  • Song lyrics
  • Scripts for plays
  • Movie scripts
  • Short stories

It’s also important to note that not all forms of creative writing are fictional. Memoirs, for instance, may be non-fictional, especially when based on true stories. But still, the author can write such forms of writings using imaginative language or as a form of a dialog between characters.

9 Ways on How to Improve Creative Writing Skills

For creative writers who aspire to better their writing skills, below are a few great tips to get you started:

Read Everything You Can Find

The key to becoming an excellent creative writer is to keep expanding your knowledge. This is perhaps the most obvious point in this section, but it’s also one of the most crucial ones. Get into the habit of reading, and read a lot. Read anything that you can find and pay attention to the words used by the writer.

How to Improve Creative Writing Skills

With every book or newspaper that you read, you are always more likely to find new adjectives, metaphors, or characters that you hadn’t imagined before. And in case you happen to bump into a word you haven’t heard before, check out its meaning in a dictionary. Then practice using that word in your own sentences to get a better understanding of it. This may be the old school way of learning new things, but it’s still one of the most effective ones.

Find Inspiration in Everyday Things

every single day is a mystery filled with adventure and interesting events. How about you take a stroll and ask yourself questions like, “what’s that person doing?” or “what’s that dog looking at?” Write a summary of something interesting happening on the TV. Get into the habit of writing about anything and everything you see, hear, feel, or smell. You’ll be surprised by the crazy imaginative things that you can imagine a single day.

Create A Routine and Stick to It

As with any other craft, success always demands discipline. Writers that actually put in the work to produce successful creative stories are always the ones who reap the rewards. Therefore, it’s not a matter of laying back and waiting to be struck by a flash of brilliance and go on a creative frenzy.

It’s only with a set disciplined routine that you will create stories of pure brilliance. Did I mention the constant revisions that every creative writer must put into his/her work before it’s ready for publishing?

If you want to write, don’t wait for the mood to strike you. Put in the work. Find a routine that fits your daily schedule and get your paper done. Sure, this can be hard at first. But with time, the more you do it, the faster momentum will build up, and the easier it will become. You can also use any of the several organizational and productivity tools to make a routine and stick to it.

Criticize Other Author’s Work

Whenever you’re reading a book, always try to identify the flaws in it. As you do this, try to list a few improvements that the writer can apply to the book to make it better. This is one of the classic steps of learning how to improve creative writing skills.

How to Improve Creative Writing Skills

Also, ensure you note all the best parts of the story. Jot down which parts of the book you enjoyed the most. Doing this can helps you to understand better the elements that make up a great creative story. And the best way to make this practice effective is to do monthly reviews on all the books you read. With time, you will master all the secrets to great effective writing.

Try Freewriting

This is the practice of writing anything without having any prescribed structure. You don’t need any outlines, notes, cards, or editorial oversight either. In freewriting, your only guide is your impulse. Follow your impulse and intuition and see where it leads you. Allow thoughts and inspirations to flood your mind without using any premeditation.

Basically, freewriting is the idea of allowing your stream of consciousness to inspire every word that you write. Learning how to improve creative writing skills requires a lot of practice. And freewriting is one way to prepare you mentally for what is to come. With time, you will be able to use your freewriting to better your creative writing techniques and unleash your creativity.

Rewrite a Famous Story

Most seasoned creative writers will tell you just how difficult it can be to create new characters or stories from scratch. It’s never easy creating a new character that no one’s ever written about before and make it a hit. Think of characters like Snow White or Cinderella. Developing new characters that will have such a huge impact on people’s lives, such as these fairy tale characters, can be extremely difficult, but not impossible.

One of the best ways to learn how to improve creative writing skills in this front is to take well-known stories and tweak them slightly. For instance, you can create a different ending in your version of the story. Doing this will help in improving your imaginative skills since you’ll already have something to reference back to.

Use Image Prompts as Your Inspiration

Image prompts such as paintings, photographs, or pictures in magazines can be great sources of inspiration for aspiring creative writers. You can even use your own pictures for inspiration, especially the one where you are on holiday, hiking, or just a day out.

How to Improve Creative Writing Skills

You can also make it a habit to write a short, interesting story for each picture that you took when you were out. Write an interesting caption to describe every picture or go a step further to write a whole story of all your photos! The possibilities of what you can do are just limitless.

Revise, Revise, Revise

As with any other paper that you write, one of the final steps you must apply in your writing is to revise your stories. This is a crucial step for anyone who wants to know how to improve creative writing skills.

Rarely will your writing be the best version of itself the first time of writing it. Even seasoned creative writers who have been in the writing industry for years admit to revising their papers several times after completing them. And they also always find a few grammatical and punctuation mistakes that need correcting.

On very rare occasions, you’ll realize that your writing is a fail after revising it. But much more often, you realize that it just simply needs revising. Sure, this can be a tedious task, especially after writing hundreds of the best pages of your life. However, it’s a necessary part of the craft and one that separates serious creative writers from hobbyists.

Learn to revise all your finished material. Approaching your writing with a critical eye also helps you to identify weak sections in your paper and what you can do to strengthen them. It’s also always advisable that you take advice and input from other people’s perspectives. Whatever the case, you must be ready to make substantial, sometimes painful, revisions to make your creative literature the best version it can be.

Record All Your Ideas

Finally, but not the least in any way is the idea of always carrying a book with you everywhere you go. Always have a notebook with you to help you scribble down any bright ideas you come up with on the fly.

Ideas don’t always wait for you to settle down before they spring up. Who knows? You may come up with a brilliant idea while on the road. It’ also always advisable that you adopt the same principle for your creative writing. You just never know when the inspiration, that crucial bit of information you’ve been waiting for, might strike. Come to think of it. A lot always happens when you’re not at your normal study place.

The Elements of Creative Writing

Any writer who’s always looking to know more about how to improve creative writing skills must also understand the elements of what makes this type of writing great. Ideally, you cannot write creative literature without knowing what role each part plays in your paper.

That said, here are the basic elements of creative writing that you should know:

Unique Plot

Any writer who wants to know how to improve creative writing skills must know how to write a unique plot for each of his/her creative literature. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this one. And while remakes are also considered a form of creative writing, most seasoned creative writers prefer creating their own plots formed from their own unique ideas. Without a unique plot, you won’t have a story to tell.

And without a story, you’ll basically just be writing another journalistic paper.

Character Development

Characters make a crucial part of any creative writing. And while you may get away with writing a book creatively, it’s always vital that you develop a character that fits perfectly into your story. From start to end, it’s important for readers to understand the main characters in your story deeply enough to develop a strong connection with them.

Visual Descriptions

Visual descriptions are another element that’s often largely saved for creative writing. Unlike when reading a newspaper or journal, you need visual descriptions to help your reader to know and understand the surroundings of your characters. Give them visual descriptions of how your characters look like. Visual descriptions also help to pull the reader to imagine themselves in your characters’ shoes, which is the main reason why most people read creative literature in the first place.


While non-creative literature, such as in interviews, can also have dialogues, it’s not always used in the same way as in creative writing. Aside from silent films, creative writing requires a significant amount of use of dialog to support the story. Your characters must interact with each other in your story to further the plot and develop each other more.

Emotional Appeal

All forms of writing can have an emotional appeal to the person reading it. However, you find that the entire goal of creative writing is always to elicit some emotion from the reader. It’s one of the key concepts that every person who wants to learn how to improve creative writing skills must know how to employ.

As a creative writer, your job is to make your audience feel how you want them to feel. Let them relate to your characters and feel what they feel as well. That’s what makes any good story.

Imaginative Language

As a creative writer, part of what makes your writing even more creative is how you craft the vision. That means that creative writing uses more metaphors, figures, similes, anecdotes, figures of speech, and many other comparisons. Your goal here is to paint a vivid picture in your readers’ minds.

The Importance of Learning Creative Writing Skills

There’s no denying that writing is a fundamental part of all our lives. For one, it’s closely linked to communication. We spend years learning how to use words, language, speech, and language to communicate. And writing is a crucial natural extension of reading and speech. This makes it all the more important and a necessary part of our everyday lives.

So, what’s the importance of learning creative writing skills?

  • It’s an indicator of our reading ability
  • Helps us to communicate our innermost thoughts
  • A skill for everyday life
  • Creative writing enhances critical thinking
  • Helps to organize thoughts
  • Encourages creativity and imagination

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In creative writing, knowing how to improve creative writing skills is a vital concept that most aspiring writers don’t always possess. Most importantly, it’s always important that you practice empathy in your creative writing in order to create nourishing content that your readers find engaging and inspiring.

Mastering the art of creative writing requires a lot of time and patience. So, be patient with your work. That’s the one trait every creative writer must have to pursue this writing career path. Also, you can always just hire a professional author from to write and submit to you the best creative stories yet.

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