How to Take Online Classes Through Zoom | 10 Eye-Opening Tips

Do you how to take online classes through zoom? Zoom has become essential during this period. It has enabled people to work, meet, and learn virtually.

Zoom is an app that people have come to embrace. How to take online classes through zoom? This is a question a lot of people ask, especially for first-time users. People have to know the importance of zoom after the social distancing guideline. Life has to move on, and people need to work, students learn and socially meet friends and family. Despite it being virtual, you feel the presence of your loved one, unlike not been able to see them at all. It right if no one answers yes to how to take online classes through zoom.

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How to Take Online Classes Through Zoom | 10 Eye-Opening Tips
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The internet is a safe space, and people can learn how to take online classes through zoom on their own whenever they get stranded. Take advantage of the website that will offer guidance and help you stay educated.

how to take online classes through zoom

Zoom Login

You can join a zoom meeting in 4 different ways:

  • With the zoom app on the desktop
  • Through a link via email invitation
  • From the zoom website
  • Or through a telephone dial-in

The host must first start the meeting for the host or yourself to join.

From the Zoom App

  1. Open the zoom app in your desktop, start button, zoom folder, then start zoom
  2. Click on sign in
  3. On the right-side menu, select sign in with SSO
  4. Enter your username and password
  5. Click on join
  6. Enter the meeting ID, and it is displayed in the email invitation
  7. At this point, you choose to come in with your video or audio or disable

Email Link

  1. From the meeting host, you receive an email
  2. Click on the link in the email, join via Mac, PC, Android, or IOS
  3. It takes you to the meeting

From the Zoom Website

  1. Go to the zoom website
  2. Click on the zoom account sign-on {SSO} button
  3. Using your username and password, sign in if prompted
  4. Click on my meeting tab
  5. Click on the meeting link you want to join

Telephone dial-in:

  1. You will get an email from the zoom host
  2. It displays the dial-in number
  3. Join the meeting

You can visit the zoom website for more details.

How to Use the Zoom App?

Everyone this year needs to know how to use a zoom. For millions of people, the zoom has become an essential tool for video conferencing app to call into virtual happy hour and meetings. Most areas are still operating under quarantine and social distancing regulation; hence the use of zoom will continue. Zoom is a video conferencing app that the corporate world has been using for a year, and still, recently, it has been a dominant force in the industry. Zoom is forcing rivals such as Microsoft teams, google meet, and skype to add new features to keep up quickly.

A lot of people continue to use zoom to work from home; apps such as zoom are beneficial. They assist businesses to continue their operation and conduct virtue meetings with clients and team members. Zoom has also been essential in schools since teachers can deliver their classes to students over the web. This come in handy in holding distance activities such as weddings and happy hour socially. Whether you are using the app to educate, do business, or connect with family and friends whom you can’t see during this isolation time.

Zoom has become the go-to place for virtue distance learning, happy hour, an online yoga, and even karaoke and game night. Zoom is available on different devices. You can use it on your android device, iPhone mac, or windows laptop to stay connected while at home.

Download Zoom

For you to have a pleasant first zoom meeting, individuals are advised to download and install beforehand the zoom application. How to download and install the zoom application:

  • Go to and download from the download center, click on the download button under zoom client for meetings
  • The application downloads automatically when you begin your first zoom meeting
  • Once you are done downloading, proceed and install the zoom application into your computer

In case of any problem, it is essential to contact the zoom helps desk.

Using Zoom in The Classroom

For first-time Zoom users, download the app before class. Schedule the course in the zoom application for the desired time and date, and remember to copy and send the invitation to your students. Join the class some minutes before the time for proper connection.

How to Use Zoom for Online Classes?

it is becoming normal to conduct online teaching for many schools. It is true mostly for schools affected by COVID 19, but depending on the social distancing guidelines progress, it a lot more permanent. Most schools have taken advantage of zoom to teach during this period. Luckily, zoom had eliminated their 40mins time limit for their free account.

How to Sign Up for A Free Zoom Account

  1. You can begin by going to and sign up for a free account by using your email address
  2. From zoom, click the activation email
  3. Fill in your password and name
  4. Once you have the account, download the zoom program

How to Schedule Zoom Meetings for An Online Class?

  1. Open the zoom desktop app in your computer
  2. Click home at the top left
  3. Click schedule
  4. Enter all relevant information like date, time, or topic
  5. Pick an online calendar of your choice, and the zoom link will take you to a page. You can send the link to your students in the online calendar meeting.

How to Share the Screen?

Screen sharing is essential in the class for presenting. It’s a button that helps you share your computer screen with everyone in the zoom meeting. With zoom, screen sharing is essentially all you need to do; click on the green share button at the top when the session is in progress. Then select the screen you want to share.

how to take online classes through zoom

How to Add Rev Live Captions to Your Zoom Class?

Rev offers live captioning; it means your zoom meeting will have added live captioning at the bottom of the screen. Live captioning is essential for students with a hearing problem or deaf, and most online students prefer them to understand what has been said.

How to Set Up A Breakout Rooms

Break out rooms allows one to split their meeting into multiple sessions. It’s the same as a group breakout session in a live classroom setting. Students can have their small group, which promotes more participation.

How to Use Zoom Whiteboards?

Zoom whiteboard is another feature tailor-made for teachers. To access the whiteboard, click the share screen at the bottom of the zoom window and then click the whiteboard.

Zoom Online Classes Download

Zoom is a free platform, meaning anyone can access it using any device with an app store. You can download it from your phone’s app store, on your computer or the tablet. From the Apple store, you can download zoom if you have IOS or google play for android users. For iPhone users, click get and open once the app download. For android, click install, then open the app once you are done downloading. Alternatively, download the zoom from your computer by visiting the zoom online download center.

Zoom Online Classes App Download

In the last couple of weeks, the zoom has become popular. It is available across all platforms. You will learn what you need to know to download the best zoom app. Zoom has dedicated a download center where you will find zoom plugins for browsers. It also has a plugin for the iPad/iPhone in case you need to share the screen with other zoom users. The first thing you need is the Zoom Cloud Meetings. Android and IOS users can download the app through their respective app stores, while window users can download the .exe installer for zoom from the official website.

Zoom for Teachers Free

With the introduction of online learning, many teachers are now using Zoom for classroom instruction. It is incredible, but it can also be daunting on how to take online classes through zoom for new users. Teachers should check out the “zoom for teachers” for updates that will be helpful to them. Typically, the zoom free basic version has a limit of 40 minutes for three or more participants.

Now, K—12 teachers and students can get unlimited meeting minutes. Go to and click the signup; there are no charges. Enter the school’s email address from zoom with a button to activate the account. Proceed to download the zoom client and install it in your device. It can be done on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Do you know how to take online classes through zoom? If yes, the article above will assist you in how to take online classes through zoom. Experts at Essay Axe help students with any assignment. Visit for more information and other services, and you can visit Essay Axe.

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