How to Write a Reflection Paper on an Article

How to write a reflection paper on an article is a commonly asked question. Do you read an article and feel the urge to share your impression? When you have such thoughts, the best way to express yourself is by writing a reflection paper. A research paper is common among university or college students. Any subject a student enrolls in requires them to express their opinion on a matter. Reflective papers should have an academic tone, as well as being subjective and personal. This type of paper requires you to reflect and analyze how an academic task, experience, or lecture shape one’s thoughts and perceptions on a subject.

how to write a reflection paper on an article

How do you write a reflection paper for an article?

How to write a reflection paper? It can be tricky to know how to write a reflection paper on an article. There is a difference between a reflection paper and a typical writing assignment. There are different ways on how to write a reflection paper in MLA format. However, you can arrange your reflection paper using the MLA format of APA style. A graduate course reflection paper costs 0 $0.00 0 when one decides to use free online samples that are easily accessible. Henceforth, learn how to write a reflection paper on an article.

Create the Main Theme

After choosing a topic, write a summary of what you have learned on your experience with the topic. Be honest by telling the reader how you feel about the issue. There is a chance reader will relate with your opinion or your perspective, which will help them understand how to write a reflection paper on an article.

Brainstorm Experiences and Ideas Related to Your Topic

You can write down predispositions, quotes you have, something memorable, or things that influenced you. Consequently, explain in simple words how you felt and be personal.

Analyze Why and How These Experiences and Ideas Affect Your Interpretation of The Theme

Pick an experience or idea from the last step that you had and analyze it further. As a result, write your reasons for disagreeing or agreeing with it.

Make a Connection Between Your Experiences, Observations, and Opinions

Connect your insights and ideas, consequently to form your theme a cohesive picture. Try breakdown and recognize your assumptions, which in the future you may challenge. When it comes to how to write a reflection paper on an article, there are commonly written reflection papers about:

  • Books. Start by writing information on the author’s biography and write in summary the plot and don’t reveal the ending to keep readers interested. Include the main themes, names of characters, and issues presented in the book.
  • Course. It is good to start by including the course name and the description. You can then write on the course flow, reasons for taking the course and inform leaders what you have learned from the course.
  • The project. A reflection paper structure on a project has identical guidelines for a course. Some things you would want to add would be the cons and pros of the course. Mention you may want to see; evaluate how relevant the skills you have acquired are to real life.
  • Interview. Introduce the person first, and mention briefly what the discussion was about. Talk about the controversies, main points, and your opinions on the person.

What’s a Reflection on an Article?

What is a reflection of an article? A reflection on an article is processing feelings and thoughts of an article, coming in terms with feelings and thoughts about the article. How to write a self-reflection? Having a reflection helps one explain and explore what they capture from the article. It involves revealing errors and weaknesses as well as successes and strengths.

Select the significant parts of the article. Avoid telling the whole story, and you may end up describing instead of reflecting. How to write a reflection on a project or how to write a reflection paper on an interview. You need to analyze what the project or interview contains. With these ideas, you can easily explain your self-reflection on the projects or interview, which gives readers your view. There is a reflective writing structure that every thoughtful article or interview should follow.

Students may have a reflection paper assignment. Some may know how to write one, and others may not know. Due to this reason, through online platforms, learn how to write a reflection example. A reflective essay on writing skills enables you to have an article that is well written. Writing skills allows one to express themselves in different ways and explain themselves in ways everyone who comes across their essay understands them. With these skills, students get to know how to write a reflection paper on an article.

How Do You Start a Reflection Paper?

The moment you start working on how to write a reflection paper on an article, you first begin by reading your article thoroughly as you take notes. Whether you are reflecting on a book, an activity, or an academic essay, you want to highlight key concepts and ideas. Start writing your reflection paper by summarizing your note’s main concepts to see if the article includes all the needed information for the readers. It helps to add lists, diagrams, and charts to deliver ideas to your audiences in a better way.

After finishing reading the article, it’s time to brainstorm. Get to know some simple ways you can brainstorm how to write a reflection paper on an article:

  • How did the article affect you?
  • How the article catches the reader’s attention
  • How the article changed your mind on something
  • Do you have any questions from the article?
  • Were there any unaddressed critical issues that did not appear in the article?
  • Do you relate anything from the past with the article?
  • Does the article agree with any reading experiences from the past?

You can organize your ideas by writing down a 3-column table or chart.

  • Your first column can include your main objective
  • The second column can briefly summarize your main ideas versions
  • Your third column can be brief reflections, reactions, or descriptions of how you felt after reading the article.

How Do You Write a Reflection Paper Example?

You can check out an example of how to write a reflection paper on an article:

how to write a reflection paper on an article

How Do You Write a Personal Reflection?

A personal reflection paper is a response to a particular stimulus. It is often written by individuals to explore personal feelings, experiences, and events. A lot of blog posts are written in this style. What is an example of reflection or a personal reflection paper that can also be written in an academic context? When writing a reflection paper, the key to writing a successful one is writing a personal response. One’s response is different from other people’s reactions. Your answer on how to write a reflection paper on an article can be influenced by:

  • Your beliefs, opinions, and experiences
  • Contrast or similarities to your life.
  • How believable or real a text or subject is
  • At a given state, your emotional state
  • Empathy or sympathy with characters

Despite providing personal responses, you need to justify your responses. Give reasons for developing your ideas. You can support your responses through:

  • Examples from texts
  • Within a text, referring to specific events
  • Within a text, referring to specific quotes

When you know how to write a reflection paper on an article, remember you are giving your opinion. Hence, it would help to demonstrate the issues you are thinking about carefully from multiple perspectives. However, show the development of your thoughts. Remember, a personal view is a critical piece of writing; hence it is wise to write it evaluatively.

how to write a reflection paper on an article

How Do You Write a Reflection Paper Outline?

How to write a reflection paper on an article enables you to learn a reflection paper outline which contains:


Let your introduction specify what you are reflecting upon. Your thesis should inform the readers on your general opinion, or position towards your subject.

  • State what you are analyzing: a lecture, a passage, an experience or an academic article
  • Summarize the work briefly
  • Write a thesis statement indicating how the subject has affected you

Body Paragraph

The body paragraph should examine the experiences and ideas you have had about your topic. As a result, ensure your new body paragraph begins with a topic sentence. If you are writing an academic article or a book, your reflection can include passages and quotes. Your readers get the point of reference to understand your feedback fully. Describe freely what you heard, what you saw, and how you felt.


Finally, summarize from your experience what you have learned. Next, inform leaders how your new knowledge affects, in general, the subject understanding. As a result, describe the overall lessons and skills you have had, the experience, or reading.

There are a few ways on how you can conclude how to write a reflection paper on an article:

  • Tie together all ideas from your body paragraph, and generalize the significant insights you have learned.
  • Restate the thesis and summarize your content from your paper.

how to write a reflection paper on an article

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