10 Tips on How to Improve Essay Writing Online

If writing an essay is scary for you, use our 10 tips on how to improve essay writing online guide. It will equip you with the skills you need to excel in your academic essays. Regardless of your academic or professional brilliance, there are times when your essay’s quality will determine your success. As you progress in your academic life, expect the complexity of study subjects to increase. You will receive assignments asking you to evaluate, critically think, and formulate opinions based on what you have read or studied.

Typically, the further you progress in your academic life, the more you will be called upon to demonstrate your critical thinking skills via essays. Although you might have avoided writing substantial essays in high school, you will undoubtedly have to do so. One way or another, essay writing is an inevitable undertaking in all academic disciplines.

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10 Tips on How to Improve Essay Writing Online
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Regardless of their resourcefulness, students typically have to write essays that count towards their grades. Even so, we have some good and bad news. And the bad news is essay writing is not something you become better at overnight. You require lots of patience and practice to improve essay writing online skills. Plus, you need a paradigm shift to figure out what works and why.

On the other hand, you can learn, practice, and perfect your essay writing skills. This piece presents 10 tips on how to improve essay writing online. It also discusses the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. Even though not all suggestions will always work, knowing how to improve essay writing online requires flexibility and a willingness to try different things.

improve essay writing online

Tip # 1: Build a Word Bank

Creating a word bank is a practical approach to writing an essay. However, it requires that you choose a topic and create its thesis statement, representing your essay’s main argument. Assume your theme is “reading.” An example thesis statement might be: “Reading makes one smarter.” Once you have a working thesis, think about your essay’s topic. Then, look for words to explain it differently. Next, broaden and diversify your word list on the subject. Candidate words for the example topic might include: intelligent, reading, and books. For the branched list, you might have test scores, philosophy, intelligence quotient, and reading by a campfire.

Doing so allows one to expand the vocabulary used in developing the content of the essay. Having an extensive collection of words makes an essay vibrant, energetic, and colorful to the intended audience.

Tip # 2: Write Like a Reporter

Once you have the essay topic in mind, it’s time to explore potential thesis statements. Ask questions when you begin writing.  Note that the depth of your questions will determine the amount of information you have in your writing arsenal.

Compelling essays are those that deliver great content succinctly. Writing like a reporter entails collecting topic relevant quotes, resources, and vocabulary before developing an essay. In an essay on a diet plan, you might ask the following questions: “Which diet plan is most suitable for the elderly?” “How can a potential candidate get started dieting using this plan?” and ” “What are the challenges of this plan?

Tip # 3: Create Compelling Topic Sentences

Topic sentences introduce and summarize a paragraph’s main idea. Always create your topic sentences first to help you remain on track throughout the writing process. For our example thesis, a topic sentence for the first paragraph might read, “Newspapers help people remain aware of current events.” For the second paragraph, you might write, “Reading plays, and classical literature makes one more cultured.”

When composing an essay, write down full topic sentences of the main ideas you want to present. Leave them aside. But when writing the essay, use your vocabulary and reference the topic sentences to create a well-structured essay. Your essay’s ideas should flow from point A to B and end at point C.

improve essay writing online

Tip # 4: Argue Both Sides

For long or complicated essays, always outline both sides of an argument. After that, select a side to focus on in your writing. As you develop your essay, have the outline you created handy for side by side comparison of the main points.

Besides, having a counterargument helps you identify which points you need to address better. Plus, you gain an in-depth understanding of the essay topic and increase your vocabulary as well.

For instance, you might write an essay about the dangers of consuming too much coffee. Arguing both sides requires evaluating the potential benefits of coffee. Ask yourself: how will an addicted individual withdraw? What about the benefits of antioxidants in coffee? Aren’t they beneficial to humans?

Always explore both sides of an argument. Doing so, lets you avoid getting tricked by how words sound in the head when reading your draft essay. While at it, check for the correct use of tenses (present, past, and future). Are punctuation marks in the right places (full stops, commas, apostrophes, exclamation points, etc.)? Using this technique lets you focus on grammar rules instead of sentence flow.

Tip # 5: Leverage Dictionaries and Thesauruses

In your studies, you have acquired an extensive repository of fancy and non-fancy words.

Make sure you understand their meaning and contexts before using them in an academic essay. We recommend using a dictionary to determine the aspects mentioned in the previous sentence.

When writing essays, a thesaurus is a handy tool. It lets you find the synonyms and antonyms of words you look up. Effectively using one can increase your essay’s volume and impact on readers. Most recipes, for example, repeatedly use the words add or stir, which bores the readers. A good thesaurus will show how to spice up your writing. In this example, you can substitute stir or add with whisk in. This way, you improve and increase the audience’s interest in what you are saying.

Tip # 6: Combine and Separate Sentences

After you’re done writing your essay, review it to identify long or wordy sentences. Break them into two or more sentences. Here is an example that illustrates this principle:

Sometimes you might need to use another language in your writing. However, you need excellent creative writing skills such as writing a blog post or poem to a close friend.

So, what will you do? In this case, rewrite it to end up with two unambiguous sentences while eliminating the repetition of the word “writing.” Check out the sample below:

Writing in a second language, entails creatively practicing each day. Perhaps you might start a blog, write fun poems or text friends.

Likewise, do so for short sentences.

Besides, find closely related sentences. If two sentences share the same thought, use a semicolon to combine them. Here is an example of how you could improve essay writing online:

Writing in a second language is a challenging task, especially if you are just beginning.

For this reason, you should practice daily to perfect your writing skills.

You could rewrite this sentence as follows:

Writing in a second language is a difficult task, especially if you’re a beginner; daily practice is beneficial.

Tip # 7: Obtain Essay Editing Help

Sometimes it pays to ask for help. So, seek the assistance of a friend fluent in the English language and has exceptional writing skills. Ask him or her to edit your essay. A second opinion is always helpful when you need to identify grammar, spelling, logic, and essay structuring mistakes.

Use provided insights to correct all highlighted mistakes. Plus, integrate all suggestions to improve the quality of your future essays. But what if you don’t have friends fluent in the English language? Search online for free tips to improve essay online help from Native English speakers. For example, lang.com, fluent.express, or Grammarly.com. In turn, you can assist others in learning your native language.

Tip # 8: Review and Rework Your Essay

Mark and review an entire essay after reviewing it. Don’t ignore this requirement. Just identifying mistakes is not enough. You need to learn how to avoid making them in the future.

Rewriting an essay and including suggested corrections is an effective essay writing practice. In turn, you submit error-free and compelling texts. Besides, you create a valuable repository of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary resources. As a result, you are in a better position to improve essay writing online next time.

Tip # 9: Use Online Writing Tools

Nowadays, numerous online essay writing resources are available for improving the quality of your essays. An excellent example is the Hemingway Editor, which reviews texts for wordiness and confusing sentences. Other online writing resources include Essay Punch and Grammar Book. Some sites even offer a free essay writer program. Use any online essay writing tool to improve your grammar and spelling. However, if you’re looking for professionally written content, consider hiring essay help online from Essayaxe.com. We are an online essay writing and editing agency for all types of academic essays and papers. We even offer an interactive essay writing crash course. If you have a critical or urgent essay, Essayaxe.com can craft high quality and timely solutions for you.

Tip # 10: Read Your Essays Backwards

Even the most accomplished writers struggle with proper grammar. As an English learner, you have an advantage as native English speakers have lousy grammar. What is more, it is challenging to overcome the pitfalls of improper grammar use. But you can improve your competency by using essay writing games.

As you consolidate your command of the English language, look for ways to practice your grammar and sentence construction skills. Need to spot grammar errors in your essay? Read your essay backward! Do so to overcome the brain’s tendency to fill in meaning when reading texts subconsciously.

Common Essay Writing Pitfalls to Avoid

Academic essay writing is an essential element of student life. Regardless of your academic level or discipline, if you don’t have excellent essay writing skills, expect to fail. Besides, we sometimes focus on unimportant things when writing essays. However, knowing what mistakes you make in an essay is critical to your academic success. This section highlights the most common mistakes preventing the authoring of authentic essays.

Apart from spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, here is a list of the eight common essay writing pitfalls to avoid.

Mistake # 1: Not Including a Thesis Statement

Always include a thesis statement in an essay’s introduction. Sometimes students forget to include it. Failure to reveal an essay’s main idea makes it less engaging to audiences. Plus, it leaves an audience without an indication of what you intend to say.

How to Avoid

  • Ensure your thesis statements are clear, concise, engaging, and well formulated. Use it to entice readers to continue reading.
  • A good approach is to always place your thesis at the end of the introduction paragraph. In this way, it blends well with the rest of the essay.

Mistake # 2: Recapping the Introduction

Some students recap the introduction in an essay’s conclusion. But this should not be the case. Why? Because the conclusion summarizes the arguments presented in an essay body paragraphs. Besides, it reaffirms your thesis while connecting an essay’s ideas.

How to Avoid

Ideally, you should use the conclusion to demonstrate the progress you made throughout an essay.

  • A successful conclusion should provide an engaging statement of the presented arguments. This statement should give closure and leave readers yearning for more.
  • You can also pose questions in the conclusion, explore the implications of your argument, or terminate your essay with an intriguing quote.
  • Avoid using the phrase “In conclusion,” to start the conclusion. Remember, people know that the last paragraph of an essay is always its conclusion.

Mistake # 3: Providing Too Much Information or Facts

Although students are taught to compose detailed and meaningful essays, you should filter the information you provide. Narrow down the info you provide, but ensure it is sufficient for the intended audience or essay type.

How to Avoid

  • Closely stick to the provided essay prompt. For complex topics, analyze your final draft before submitting it.
  • Only include information relevant to the topic or essay.
  • Lastly, exclude all unnecessary information, quotes, statistics, data, or facts.

Mistake # 4: Composition Hard to Read or Understand Essays

Most students mistake complex structure for writing competence. No matter the instructions you receive, you should not write hard to read essays. Instead, present your argument in an easy to understand manner.

How to Avoid

  • Eliminate fluff (extra words and phrases).
  • Stick to an essay’s central idea (thesis).
  • Only use explicit constructions.
  • Use simple sentences and words to present your arguments.

Mistake # 5: Wrong Formatting

Academic essays are not all about the content they present. Regardless of the content you present, never neglect the formatting! And if you do, it won’t matter how well written your content is. If the format is inappropriate or incorrect, it will show inattentiveness and fail to engage your audience.

How to Avoid

  • Review an essay’s guidelines on the formatting style to use.
  • Pay heed to font size, paper size, page numbering, line, and paragraph spacing requirements.
  • Adhere to general writing rules and instructions.

Mistake # 6: Having Too Many Typos in an Essay

The presence of typos in essays indicates poor grammar and language proficiency. Although it occurs in all types of writing, submitting an essay before you proofread is a no-no. Use the tips below to avoid this pitfall.

  • Review and revise an essay thoroughly before printing and submitting it.
  • Always proofread an essay for typos, spelling, structuring, and grammatical errors.
  • Never trust automated spell checkers. Instead, read and reread your essays personally to find and correct writing errors.

Mistake # 7: Plagiarizing Content

In academic circles, plagiarism is a severe offense. No educational institution tolerates it! Plus, technology has made it easier to flag plagiarized content.

How to Avoid

  • Make sure you reference sources used to develop your essay.
  • Include quotes and citations from reputable sources (literature or scientific papers).
  • Rephrase ideas you borrow from others.
  • Never present quotes as your ideas.

Mistake # 8: Few or No Transitions Between Paragraphs

In essays, paragraphs contain unique and separate thoughts. So, format paragraphs accordingly. But they should not come across as distinct essays.

How to Avoid

  • Always include appropriate transitions between paragraphs.
  • Ensure that your content is smooth and coherent.
  • Liberally use phrases such as despite, however, moreover, furthermore, nevertheless, in comparison, on the other hand, and others to link ideas.


Although writing academic essays sounds straightforward, it is not always simple. Why? Because various disciplines and educational institutions approach essays differently. For these reasons, appropriate essay writing skills are worth having. They affect your ability to present your thoughts or ideas coherently to your readers, instructors, or peers.

Hopefully, you will integrate the tips and suggestions in this piece to perfect your essay writing skill. You can also contact Essayaxe.com support staff for a copy of our essay writing tutorial. Finally, pay attention to the eight common pitfalls and the recommendations for avoiding them. Good luck with your assignments!

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