10 Tips on Handling MLA Format Assignment

The Modern Language Association (MLA) format is one of the best approaches you can use to write your academic essays. It streamlines the writing process, securing a uniform and consistent way of presenting your coursework. Therefore, you should prepare with the essential and effective tips to tackle an MLA format assignment. Keep in mind that you need to hand in top-notch assignments to score higher grades. MLA Format Assignment

Here is an ultimate guide on how to handle an MLA format assignment. The lead highlights the basic steps and tips to write an excellent MLA format template. Moreover, it provides you with an MLA set-up essay example. 

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10 Tips on Handling MLA Format Assignment
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Steps to Writing a Great MLA Format Assignment


Just like any other academic essay writing strategy, you should take your time and prepare. Otherwise, you will find it challenging to tackle your assignments and submit them before the set deadline. Remember, this will negatively affect your overall semester grades. Below are useful tips to consider before you start writing your MLA format essay sample.

Read and Understand Your Assignment

Sure, this is the first step to consider if you need an excellent MLA format assignment. You have to read and understand the assigned theme or topic carefully. After all, you do not want to feel embarrassed because you didn’t get the theme right. For instance, you can write down all the questions and views related to the subject. They will help you focus on the coursework, ensuring that you meet the tutors’ expectations.

Determine Your Thesis Statement

Still, you ought to come up with a suitable thesis statement. It is the main point you are trying to explain in your paper. Besides, a thesis links all the possible ideas and arguments together in one or two sentences. Your thesis statement should be good enough, giving the reader a preview of your entire article. Moreover, make sure it is clear, compelling, engaging, and concise.


Once you have a clear understanding of the topic and questions to answer, it’s time to brainstorm. Use a pen and paper to note down all the possible answers to your topic question. Write all your ideas, more inquiries related to your topic and information. MLA Format Assignment Many students overlook this step, not knowing that it helps you see more about your subject. Moreover, this ensures that you don’t forget your great ideas once you begin the actual writing process.


After gathering all the possible ideas, it is time to do some research to build up your academic essay sample. Although this may take much of your time, do not be in a hurry. Do not expect to find all information you need to complete your paper in one search. Start by planning your research, set up, and follow its schedule. 

Do not forget to record your source information immediately. For instance, you can note down the bookmarks or the webpage address of all the useful sources. Even if you are not sure to use the pages in handling your MLA format assignment, write them down. They may seem useless, but later help develop your academic essay sample.

Unless your lecturer says otherwise, always aim to have not less than two or three credible sources in your essay. Also, opt for Google useful books or go to the nearby library. Read as much as you can to have a better understanding of the topic.

Write the Outline

After you have completed your research, formulate a basic essay outline. Think of it as a road-map of your ideas. Planning is an essential part of academic writing as it ensures that your paper maintains the focus you need to produce a top-notch MLA format assignment. Moreover, the outline is your first attempt to organize your essay. So, you have to get this right, or else you’ll fail.

Write down all your argument points, effects, solutions, or the reasons you have to answer the topic question. Besides, make sure you note down all the points to support your thesis. The best way to achieve this is not by using the sources but your mind. Look at your thoughts and organize them. Some may merge to create a more reliable point while others may repeat an idea in different words; that’s why you’ll have to erase.

After that, use the remaining ideas as your essays’ main points. They will make the body paragraphs of your academic essay. Furthermore, decide on how to order your thoughts. For instance, you can follow a sequential order- maybe from problem to solution, weakest to most potent or crucial to the least important. Ensure the order you choose will make your paper enjoyable and reliable.

Likewise, consider alternatives or opposing ideas to show your lecturer that you have performed complete research and used all opinions. In this section, you ought to present and argue against other perspectives of your topic question. Still, you have to divide your outline into manageable paragraphs. Write each main point in sentence form, and do not forget to list supporting ideas and evidence.

Writing Tips

Now that the preparation is complete, it is time to tackle your MLA format assignment. You can choose to write up to the end or deal with each paragraph separately. No matter the order you like, follow the essential tips, and it will turn out great. For example, some academic writers work on the body paragraphs first, saving the introduction and wrap- up for the end.

Before you begin, be sure of what to write in the introduction, body, and conclusion. Ensure you know how to use the source material and be sensitive to plagiarism.

As you write, do not turn back and correct grammar mistakes or add any missing information. Instead, write then read through your piece later for perfection. MLA Format Assignment

The Introduction

The preface of any academic essay should be one to two paragraphs on average. Here, you want to make sure you gain the immediate attention of the reader. Do not be boring. Use the first sentence to capture the audiences’ interests. Below are some of the key ways to create a relevant and exciting introduction.

  • Use a short anecdote, and it must connect to your topic.
  • Do not start with your thesis idea. Instead, use the introduction to build your thesis statement. Besides, the right place to write this is in the last sentence of your opening paragraph.
  • Consider facts and surprising statements that relate to the topic question.
  • Likewise, you can quote from other peoples, or experts work related to your topic.
  • Besides, you can introduce your essay with statements that explain more about your topic.
  • Don’t generalize your introduction. Remember, there is a probability that other students may write on the same. Meaning you should dive into your specific topic right away.
  • Similarly, you can provide any necessary information or definitions. Don’t settle for useless words. Instead, give the audience what they need to understand your topic.
  • If you choose to begin with definitions, avoid the ones used in dictionaries and other books. Explain it in your own words then move to the body paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs

There are many ways to write your body paragraphs. However, this depends on your purpose, but they should be short. Each section should discuss one major point, supporting the thesis statement. You can also use headings and sub-headings to break your content, increasing readability. Woman Using Laptop Computer In most cases, your body paragraphs will have:

The Topic Sentence

Sure, this is usually the first sentence of a paragraph. You can use it to introduce your main idea in each section. If you don’t write it the opening sentence, ensure you clarify on its presence. Each sentence in the paragraph must support the topic sentence as it is your idea. Moreover, make sure it links to the preceding paragraph.

Topic Sentence Explanation

All the sentences you write after the topic sentence should further describe your essay’s main idea in the paragraph. Think of it as the sandwich presentation of supporting points, explanations, or details. You can use facts, studies, experts’ opinions, and examples to explain the topic sentence. However, you have to be specific enough to show the reader that the idea is valid.

Besides, feel free to include dates and numbers, but make sure the details you provide are relevant. For sure, you don’t want the reader to misunderstand your source information. Keep in mind that one example doesn’t give enough prove. Therefore it’s good to support your topic sentence with more than one case in a paragraph. Finally, make sure your supporting ideas are in a logical order to connect well.

Concluding Sentence

As it sounds, this is the last sentence you’ll write in a paragraph. It should review the body section, prepare the audience for the next paragraph, or emphasize the thesis. Do not conclude your paragraphs with a source citation. Instead, frame it in your words.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is the last part to consider when writing your MLA format assignment. It is usually not a long block of text, but a short paragraph summarizing your main article points. Woman in Gray Hijab Using Macbook Air

Besides, you have to get it right, as this will stick to the readers’ minds. A precise conclusion must relate to the last sentence of your previous paragraph, summarize your paper findings, and show their significance. Moreover, you can end your essay with a robust and memorable closing assertion.

Post Writing Tips

Now that the first draft is complete take some time off the keyboard and then revise your assignment. Sure, a break will give you a different perspective and a chance to strengthen your essay content. Read through your article (sentence after sentence) aloud to correct any spelling, punctuation, typos, and grammar errors. Moreover, you can ask a friend or a family member to read through to check these mistakes.

Still, you have to verify the paper requirements. Check whether your essay meets the given grading criteria, outline, word count, and references. Erase, add, reorganize, and re-write words to match the tutors’ instructions. If you are satisfied with the quality of your MLA format assignment, it is time you submit. Try as much as you can to present a week before the set deadline.  

Ten More Tips for Handling Your MLA Format Assignment

  • Your MLA format assignment should use the Times New Roman font and make sure it is 12-point text.
  • Besides, the line spacing in all the content should be double –spaced.
  • Make sure you indent the first line of each paragraph- about 0.5 inches.
  • The right, left, bottom, and top page margins should be one inch and left-justify all your text.

MLA Format Assignment

  • Rather than underlining the titles in books, stand-alone works, and plays, you should leave them in italics. You can also italicize words and phrases that you want to emphasize. However, it would be best if you didn’t do this often.
  • For the page numbers, create a 0.5 inches header and place it at the top right of each page. The header should contain your last name, space, and the page number. Besides, number your pages in Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, 4) where the title page numbered 1.
  • For the sentences, include a single spacing right after the period before the next sentence. 
  • Still, make sure everything on the first page is double spaced. Basic information such as your first and last name, instructors’ name, class name, and date should be left-justified following the recommended theme font.
  • Furthermore, you can use the oxford comma. Also known as the serial comma, it appears right after the second to last item in a list. For example, Scotland, Wales, North Ireland, and England are countries of the United Kingdom. The Oxford comma is placed immediately after North Ireland.
  • You can also use bullets while handling your MLA format assignment. Sure, this can apply if you need individual statements and single sentences.
  • Leave your citing sources hanging and remove the hypertext in the internet addresses.

MLA Format Sample

                                                                                                                                         Alcantara 1

Diego Alcantara

Professor Michael

Environmental science 012

4 July 2016


Generally, pollution is the contamination of the natural surrounding, which brings up changes that affect normal life severely. Pollution disturbs the ecosystem as well as the equilibrium in the environment. Below are some of the serious effects associated with different forms of pollution. Landscape Photography of Factory

Environmental degradation

The surrounding is the first victim of increased pollution -whether in water or air. A large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere results in smog, limiting the sunlight from reaching the earth’s surface. Indeed, this affects the rate of photosynthesis process in plants holding back their growth. Gases such as nitrogen oxide and Sulfur dioxide cause pollution, resulting in acid rain hence damaging crops. (Grainger, 2012).Moreover, water pollution through oil spillage leads to the death of wildlife species.

Human health

Air pollution causes several health problems, including cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, chest congestion, throat inflammation, and asthma. Likewise, water pollution may cause skin related infections such as skin rashes and irritations. Noise pollution leads to stress, hearing complications, and sleep disorder (Zhang et al. 2013).

Global warming

The gases released by greenhouse (particularly Carbon dioxide) leads to global warming. Besides, every day new industries are emerging, new vehicles and trees cut down to set up new homes. All of these indirectly increase carbon dioxide in the environment ( Marigómez et al., 2013). As a result, there is a melting of polar ice caps, raising the sea levels. 

Sure, this poses a great danger to people living in the coastal regions. MLA Format Assignment

Infertile lands

The constant use of pesticides and insecticides to grow crops leaves the soil infertile. Sure, you may not realize its effect in one farming season, but with several, you’ll notice a drop in production. Similarly, the chemicals released from industrial waste into the irrigation water affect soil quality (Zhang et al. 2013).


Pollution affects not only the human lifestyle but also nature, fruits, plants, animals, ponds, rivers, etc. Therefore, it is important to control pollution since wildlife, human life and nature depend on survival. We should embrace a sustainable living by following the set guidelines to curb pollution and make the world a better place.


Grainger, Corbett A. “The distributional effects of pollution regulations: Do renters fully pay for cleaner air?.” Journal of Public Economics 96.9-10 (2012): 840-852.

Marigómez, Ionan, et al. “Combined use of native and caged mussels to assess biological effects of pollution through the integrative biomarker approach.” Aquatic toxicology 136 (2013): 32-48.

Zhang, Juan, et al. “Effects of pollution sources and soil properties on the distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and risk assessment.” Science of the Total Environment 463 (2013): 1-10.


At this point, you have an ideal approach to handle any MLA format assignment. It is your turn to produce to notch assignments to score higher grades. If you get stuck even with these tips, do not give up. Instead, you can reach out to Essay Axe – the best online essay help service. You can visit Essayaxe.com for more information and guidance on handling your MLA format assignment.  

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