The 3 Key Parts of a Discussion Post

There are 3 key parts of a discussion post that online students need to use to make their discussion posts correct and coherent. Just like the traditional classroom set up, as an online student, you can engage in exciting discussions that can bring out your creativity and make you think critically.

Parts of a Discussion Post

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The 3 Key Parts of a Discussion Post
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Discussion posts are an excellent way for online students and professors to engage in course work discussions, and students are awarded marks for their participation. Every student must know how to post discussions by understanding the 3 essential parts of a discussion post.

Here are the 3 parts of a discussion post that will clearly express your point of view and demonstrate critical thinking.

Give an Answer to the Question

Your initial post should answer a specific question that has been posted by your instructor. Make sure you read and understand the question well and give your answer. However, the answer you give should incorporate some words from the question.

Do thorough research to be able to give the best answer that will engage your fellow students. To provide the best answer and back it up with an engaging argument, you should consider these tips.

Read all The Materials Provided

It is essential to make sure you read all the materials that your instructor has provided regarding the question. Read all the text and videos and understand them well so that you can understand the question and give the correct answer.

If you don’t take the time to go through all the materials provided, you might miss an important point, and parts of a discussion post will be incomplete.

Understand the Requirements of All the Parts of a Discussion Post

Get to know and understand the discussion prompts like the expected word limit and the sources you are required to use. You should also know the type of response that you are required to give.

All the parts of a discussion post should have a uniform format. Use simple fonts and avoid jargon or slang that will make your discussion post hard to understand. A uniform and simple format will make your work clear, and readers will easily understand the point of view that you are sharing. Always proofread your work and make sure it is grammatically correct. Poor grammar will easily make you lose marks.

Parts of a Discussion Post

Add Relevance to Parts of a Discussion Post

You can apply real-life experience by adding your personal or professional examples to add relevance to your text. Many people can relate to real-life experiences, which is a great way to connect deeper and bring out a point at the same time.

However, make sure that the experiences you share are related to the topic of discussion and support them with evidence.

Proof Read Your Discussion Post

Before you submit your text, you will need to proofread your discussion post to eliminate any grammatical errors. You can use a text editor to correct spelling mistakes in all the parts of a discussion post. Review and revise your work at least twice before you can finally press the post button.

Provide Evidence

Every answer that you give should be backed up by evidence from various sources. Well researched answers from texts and other external sources will enable you to support your answer as you share your point of view.

Evidence gives your discussion posts credibility and makes it a high-quality post. However, the sources of proof should always be cited using the format that the instructor has provided.

Present a Strong Argument

A strong argument comes from thorough research. You will need to cite all relevant sources that will help you generate original ideas and creativity. This will bring quality and originality in all the parts of a discussion post and keep all the students engaged. Although strong arguments will always challenge the readers, it will also leave them, asking for more.

Make Your Discussion Post Unique

A well-researched discussion post will always be original and unique. You will not have to repeat words or copy ideas from other students because you will have enough information to support your point of view.

Parts of a Discussion Post

This kind of post will engage students and leave them pondering about your post and wanting more. An original and unique discussion post brings in a fresh perspective and adds value to the discussion.

Explain How Your Evidence Connects with Your Answer

It is essential that you clearly explain how the evidence you have provided connects with your point of view. It is not enough to give evidence or to assume that it will be obvious to the readers.

Give a detailed explanation that clearly depicts the connection between the evidence and your answer. A well-done explanation can generate an idea that other students can follow.

Here are an initial discussion post and response.

Question / Topic for discussion what is the negative impact of globalization in developing countries?

Initial Discussion Post

In answer to the question, what is the negative impact of globalization in developing countries? The Negative Impact of Globalization in Developing Countries is a result of foreign investors investing in developing countries through big multinational corporations. Although there are benefits of globalization and investment like technological development and the creation of jobs, the side effects of such investments cannot be ignored.

Governments of countries with low income continue to reap these benefits. However, they should also pay more attention to globalization’s negative side through foreign investment. Although investors continue to invest in developing countries, the wealth generated as a result of this investment is not equally shared between the rich and the poor. The poor continue to live in their state of poverty as the wealthy become even wealthier. (Bigman, 2002) clearly states how globalization has led to pollution of the environment caused by direct investors.

Response to Discussion Post

Yes, globalization indeed has its advantages. However, it has negatively impacted countries with low income. In these countries, the majority of the population is poor, and the gap between the poor and the wealthy continues to grow. However, the governments in developing countries are more interested in the benefits and agreements that big foreign investors have.

The Role of Governments

Governments in these countries have become less strict in protecting the environment. Foreign Investors are, therefore, more interested in making a profit and not in preserving the environment. The main aim of investors is to make a profit despite engaging in practices that cause pollution to the environment. (Chudnovsky, D& López1, L, March 1999)

Some of the activities that foreign investors have continued to engage in are mining, which has caused water and air pollution. These kinds of activities have displaced animals and plants from their natural home. Governments in these countries should not only look at the benefits, but they should also have strict policies to help save the environment.

What Governments Must Do

Big corporations have the ability to come with recent technology that is more sophisticated than the ones the local market is using. Due to the local market’s lack of capacity to use high-tech equipment, they face unfair competition from foreign investors. Governments in developing countries do not pay much attention to distributing wealth between the rich and the poor. This has continued to widen the gap between those who are wealthy and the extremely poor (Bigman, 2002). Governments should not just aim at getting as many foreign investors, but they should aim to reduce this gap.


Like traditional class discussions, online discussion posts have rules that help make the discussion meaningful and on course. Here are some dos and don’ts in writing the 3 key parts of a discussion post.

Things You Must Do

Be a Regular Participant

Be a regular participant in discussions. Do not join the discussion only when it’s time for you to post your views. When you are a regular participant in the discussions, you are able to follow all the parts of a discussion post from other students.

Parts of a Discussion Post

Use Relevant Information

Your discussion posts should have sources from relevant information like course notes, texts, or other related information. However, make sure your post is clear and coherent, and it brings out your viewpoint in a clear way.


It is better to paraphrase words instead of quoting them. However, always remember to cite sources of your information.

Refer To Other People’s Posts and Have an Open Attitude

It is always good to refer to what the other students have said when you are writing your post. However, don’t copy their post. This clearly indicates that you are keenly following up on the discussion, and you avoid repeating ideas that have already been shared. It also shows your interest and seriousness in the assignment.

It is good practice to show an open attitude by pointing out the other side of an argument.

Have Strategic Subject Lines

Make sure any reader is able to predict your post’s content just by the subject line. This tells the reader what to expect in your post.

Use Correct and Clear Formatting

Use a simple and uniform format throughout your post, as this makes your post easier to read and understand. However, complicated formats can discourage readers, and your text could easily be confusing. Remember to use the recommended format.

Improve Your Work

Make sure you check and follow your instructor’s feedback from the previous posts. This way, you avoid making the same mistakes, and you produce improved parts of a discussion post. When you follow your instructor’s feedback, it is an indication that you are growing and becoming better in your writing and course work.

Review Your Work

Always go through your work and read it more than once to check if there are any grammatical and typing mistakes. You can review your work as many times as possible until you feel satisfied with the quality of your discussion post. After confirming that your discussion post is error-free, you can then post it.

Parts of a Discussion Post

Things You Must Not Do

Do Not Give One Word Answers

Always explain your answers by giving reasons why you agree or disagree with a particular point of view. However, avoid giving one-word answers because they are vague. Always use open-ended questions in parts of the discussion post.

Open-ended questions create room for discussion and keep the readers engaged while closed-ended questions can quickly end a discussion.

Don’t Post All At Once

Making all your posts at one go is an indication that you have not been following the discussion. Instead, it shows that you only log on the forum to make posts. However, make sure you keep up with the discussions to adequately contribute and add value. When you keep up with the discussion, you benefit from other students as much as they benefit from you.

Avoid Being Personal and Emotional

Always base your response to the ideas and arguments and do not respond to a post emotionally or become personal. Keep unrelated issues and problems out of the discussion and focus on the task at hand.

Avoid Posts That Are Too Long

Make your posts shorter than the usual essays, however, follow the instructions given on the word count and comply as required. Shorter discussion posts are easier to read, and they have fewer grammatical errors.

On the contrary, longer posts are prone to grammatical errors and might discourage readers. Make your post as reader-friendly as possible without compromising on the quality of the content.

Take All Parts of a Discussion Post Seriously

Online posts, like any other written communication, can easily be misinterpreted because it lacks nonverbal expressions like facial expression. However, to avoid offending other students avoid jokes and focus on the topic at hand.

Jokes can be interpreted differently by different people, and it is only safe to keep them out of the discussion posts. Instead, make your posts coherent and with a scholarly tone, and they should be focused and relevant.


The 3 key parts of a discussion post are essential for producing a coherent and high-quality post that will engage readers and leave them, asking for more. To provide quality and add value, you must do thorough research and make sure you follow these 3 steps. Answer the question, give evidence, and show the connection between evidence and the answer you have given. Make sure you do your homework well by reading and understanding all the materials provided. This is the first and essential step to getting an original and creative discussion post. To get top quality discussion posts is the best academic discussion post help website.

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