How to Construct a Rogerian Argument Essay

Often, people waste time arguing about things they don’t fully understand. Wouldn’t it be much easier if everyone stopped arguing and worked on finding common ground? Imagine a situation where the whole world reached a compromise, and everyone lived peacefully. Here’s where the interesting argument strategy called Rogerian argument comes into play.

Not many people know about this form of argumentation, or how it comes to benefit both of the opposing parties. Often, students who study social sciences and humanities interact with and may need to write a Rogerian argument essay as part of their syllabus.

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How to Construct a Rogerian Argument Essay
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This study should help provide you with in-depth information regarding the Rogerian argument outline and how to use it in a sentence structure.

Rogerian argument essay

What Is the Rogerian Argument Essay Method?

The main point of the Rogerian argument structure is that every individual should, first, understand the viewpoint of the argument and that of the adversary before presenting their own ideas. Think of it as a conflict-resolution strategy that will help you build common ground with your adversary. You can do all this while stating your position.

A Rogerian argument essay is also less aggressive than, say the Toulmin argument outline or 5-paragraph essay. In contrast, most of the other argumentative writings are made with little regard to the opponent’s feelings. The Rogerian method, however, strives to build both parties toward a common understanding.

A Rogerian argument essay opens you and your adversary towards new ideas. Remember, though, that this isn’t meant to change their minds. But to try to make them look at things from your point of view.

A Rogerian argument is an effective negotiating strategy where common goals between opposing teams are identified and used to reach an agreement.

Although the goal isn’t necessarily meant to change the opposition’s mind, it’s still considered an argumentation form. Basically, both parties will be looking to persuade the opponent to at least respect each other’s point of view.

When to Use the Rogerian Argument Essay Method

The Rogerian argument is especially effective when you’re addressing highly controversial issues. For instance, if you are writing a Rogerian argument essay on gun control. Such a topic tends to attract a lot of controversy from both sides, with both parties having different ideologies about it.

Similar topics also tend to be highly emotional. Therefore, to avoid slinging false claims and insults, the Rogerian argument method helps to bring both parties to a common understanding. Both parties will have mutual respect for having different opinions, even if both will never fully agree on certain issues.

The same is true in instances where you’re required to produce a Rogerian argument essay. Often, students find creating such argumentative essays difficult. Others find it almost impossible. Luckily, there are several essay helping websites that you can use to ace your assignments.

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How the Rogerian Method Works

As aforementioned, the Rogerian argument essay primarily helps to create conducive situations for the cooperation of both opposing parties. As such, this may well involve both parties agreeing to make changes to their forms of argument.

Therefore, as you present your case to your adversary, the argumentation style should be flexible and dependent on how you set up the information. The amount of time you spend on each section of your argument also matters in this case. But you want to balance all sections while presenting your case. Spending an excessive amount of time in one section, then only giving lip service to the next defeats the purpose of using this argumentative style.

You must, therefore, be very conscious of your opponent’s view. Remember, your goal is to clearly explain your source of conflict and other opposing ideologies you both have. From there, you work on recognizing the validity of your opponent’s views. Only then, can you position your argument as valid.

The ideal format of using a written Rogerian persuasion style looks something like this:

1.      Introduction

This is the introductory part of your argument. Here’s where you address the problem at hand and try to identify what the source of conflict is. From there, you consider other different ways of looking at the issue, and which best approach to use.

2.      Opposing View

After identifying the root cause of your conflict, you must acknowledge the other side’s opinion before you present your argument. This stage can take several paragraphs or minutes on verbal arguments. Generally, identifying the overarching view of your opponent allows you to understand him/her.

The topic at hand can also help determine your opponent’s views. If, for instance, your opponent’s views are complex, giving a brief synopsis then clarifying your point later may be the best option. However, if your opponent’s views can be easily explained, then you may go ahead and argue your case in more detail.

3.      Validation of The Opponent’s View

At this stage, you want to point out a few reasons, if available, that make your opponent’s view logical. This shows respect and that you understand your opponent’s point of view to the case. State the view as clearly as you understand it. Think of it more as an invitational argument where you acknowledge your opponent’s side of the story too. Then point out some of the reasons why your opponent may think or feel the way they do about the case.

4.      Your Position

This is where you introduce your claim. Still, it’s critical that you speak as objectively as possible to try and establish your ethos as a concerned but unbiased speaker. You can also qualify your position by acknowledging that there are other situations where your case may not apply. But ensure you reiterate why your case applies more.

After clarifying that you understand your opponent’s perspective, you want to shift politely to your views. Explain what your opinion is on the matter.

5.      Validation of Your Opinion

At this stage, you can provide examples that contradict the ones used for the situation of your opponent’s position. Where applicable, gather testimonies and opinions from other sources that are beneficial.

Include research and scholarships that will ultimately support your position and other ideologies surrounding your argument. Ensure, however, that you choose examples and other supporting contexts carefully. Your goal here is to elaborate on why your case also makes sense by providing convincing evidence and sounds reasonable.

Clearly explain why your argument must also be considered even as you try to persuade your opponent on what makes your ideas better than theirs.

6.      Argument Back-And-Forth

This stage is more suited for sufficiently complex cases that would merit taking the argument in simple, broken-down segments. You can move back and forth between your sub-arguments and those of your opponent. Remember, also to always validate your opponent’s point of view even as you show more convincing evidence supporting your point of view and what makes it just as strong.

7.      Benefits of Your Position

This marks the conclusive stage of the argument. Basically, it summarizes your position in the argument, moving your reader towards the reasons why your position is more beneficial and makes more sense.

While convincing another person the reasons why your position makes more sense using the Rogerian argument essay method isn’t 100% effective, the goal here is to convince them to view the situation from your point of view. However, if you give enough convincing evidence, then your case may just carry enough weight to convince them.

Helpful Tips for Writing the Rogerian Argument Essay

1.      Determine Common Ground Before Writing

Before you get into arguing your case, it’s best to make sure that you have something to discuss, and your opponent understands what’s happening. Maybe you have too controversial positions and don’t really have anything in common to discuss. In such instances, your efforts will be futile.

2.      Avoid Logical Fallacies

Rational mistakes rank as sone of the surest signs of a poorly considered argument. You may want to checklists of other logical fallacies on the internet to help you argue your position better. Proofreading your essay thoroughly also helps to identify and correct any errors in your essay.

3.      Use A Neutral Tone

Remember, you’re not in it to convince anybody of anything. Therefore, including emotional expressions in your context will end up spoiling the overall impression of the essay. It may even make some of your readers doubt your objectivity on the topic in question.

4.      Keep Balance

A Rogerian argument essay requires that you use an equal number of arguments to support your case on both sides of the debate. Well-structured and harmonic essays are a lot easier to understand and relate to.

5.      Learn More About Opposing Arguments

To find common ground in the argument, you must know your opponent’s ideas well. You must, therefore, be open to new thoughts, behaviors, and conceptions. This helps both sides to reach a consensus more quickly.

6.      Show No Disrespect or Patronization

Respect, trust, and equality must be the basis of your Rogerian argument essay. Remember, your primary objective is to establish a partnership with your adversary or readers, not to show them your dominance.

7.      End on A Positive Note

Here, you want your final statement to sound hopeful and inspired. Essentially, you want to comfort your opponents or readers by proving to them that your arguments are worth their trust too. Be optimistic about furthering an even more developed discussion with your opponent.

Aims of The Rogerian Argument Essay

Generally, writers who use Rogerian argument in their writings attempt to accomplish three things. They include:

  • Conveying to your opponent or reader that you understand him/her
  • Delineate the areas within which you believe your opponent’s position to be valid
  • Induce your opponent to believe that the two of you share similar moral qualities such as honesty, goodwill, and integrity and have a desire to find a mutually acceptable solution.

Rogerian argument essay

You must, however, note that these are just tasks, not the stages involved in the argument. Generally, the Rogerian argument essay and writing style has no conventional structure. Often, users of this writing strategy deliberately avoid using conventionally persuasive structures and techniques.

Examples of The Rogerian Method in Writing

Imagine writing an essay about religion or freedom. In the paper, you hold the view that religion must be permitted to be practiced openly in government-run organizations and public places. You will most definitely have opponents who claim that needs to be strict rules that separate church and state affairs.

In schools, for instance, discussing or practicing religious matters can end up marginalizing groups. This may eventually end up leading to students learning a belief structure in a place that should remain religiously neutral.

In such cases, you should start by recognizing your opponent’s viewpoints. State your understanding of the issues that they perceive by allowing religious standpoints to be shared in schools freely. Doing this helps to validate your opponent’s viewpoints. Only then can you position yourself to state your position on the matter, giving evidence drawn from different credible sources.

Also, remember to give equal weight to each argument to make your position more balanced easily understandable. This also enables you to make a rhetorical move towards your position even as you finish arguing your opinion and benefits of your position.

Other Forms of Argument Activities in Essays

This segment enables you to learn and practice other forms of arguments and how you can apply them in an essay. Logically, different forms of argument apply in different scenarios. You must, therefore, familiarize yourself with all of them to better-position yourself to know the most appropriate form of argument to apply in each case.

Some of the most common forms of argumentative scenarios include:

  • Toulmin argument
  • Aristotelian argument

Toulmin Argument

The Toulmin argument method is essentially a structure used for analyzing arguments. Only that Toulmin’s analysis methods are so clear and well-structured that most lecturers and writers prefer writing argumentative essays using this element.

The Toulmin argument outline works well in scenarios where there isn’t any clear truths or absolute solutions to problems. This form of argument also handled complex situations and positions more effectively and accurately.

There are six elements used for analyzing and presenting arguments using the Toulmin argument method. These elements should help you both as the writer and reader of your essay. When analyzing arguments as a reader, look for elements that help you to understand what the argument is about. Basically, you want to use the elements that help to evaluate your argument’s validity.

When writing an argument yourself, you can include these similar elements to ensure that your audience sees the validity in your claims.

The Toulmin argument elements include:

·         Claims

This is a statement of opinion that the writer is asking the audience to accept as true.

Example in a sentence:

The government should create more laws to regulate drivers texting while driving so as to cut down on dangerous driving and accidents.

·         Grounds

This element touches on the facts, reasoning, and data upon which an individual’s claim is based. Logically, the grounds explain the facts that make a case for the claim.

Example in a sentence:

The NSC estimates that using your cell phone while driving causes over 1.6 million car accidents per year.

·         Warrant

This element basically links the grounds of the argument to the claim. The warrant helps to make the audience understand how the grounds connect while supporting the claim. Sometimes, the warrant may not be directly stated. It can, however, be stated directly too. As a writer, you’re making assumptions about what your readers already believe. Ensure, therefore, that you think about how clear your warrant should be, and if need be, state it directly to your audience.

Example in a sentence:

Being distracted by while using your cell phone to text while driving can cause dangerous accidents.

·         Backing

As the name suggests, the backing element gives additional support to your claim by addressing other critical questions that relate to your claim.

Example in a sentence:

People may think twice about driving and texting with more education and greater fines about its consequences.

·         Qualifier

This is essentially the limits of your claim or understanding that the claim may not be true in all situations. The qualifier generally adds more strength to your claims as it helps your audience to understand the author’s opinion doesn’t have to be true all of the time. On the contrary, if writers were to use qualifiers that were too broad such as “never” or “always,” then their claims would be even more difficult to support.

You can, however, add more strength to your claim by using qualifiers like “many” or “some” to help limit the claim.

Example in a sentence:

The government should impose more laws that regulate texting while driving to help cut down on dangerous car accidents that occur each year.

·         Rebuttal

This element involves the writer addressing the opposing views of his/her adversaries or readers. Here, the author can use a rebuttal to anticipate counter-arguments. If used appropriately, the rebuttal can help to make your original argument even stronger.

Example in a sentence:

Although police officers are already busy, making anti-texting laws their priority can save lives, time, and money. Local departments can add extra staff and address this important issue.

Aristotelian Argument

Also known as classical argument, this form or argument writing style was developed by a Greek philosopher and rhetorician, Aristotle. This style of argument involves the writer trying to convince his/her audience of why some things are the way they are and why your point of view makes more sense than theirs. You will also use a series of strategies in this argumentative writing format as well to persuade the audience to consider your side too.

Rogerian argument essay

The Aristotelian argument form uses ethos, pathos, and logos in the most effective ways to make your argument more persuasive.

How to Write an Aristotelian Argument

There may, however, be a few variations in the steps you use depending on your audience. Here’s a basic format for writing an Aristotelian, classical essay:

·         Introduce Your Issue

Here’s where your audience expects you to present your thesis. Generally, you want to present your readers and opponents with your main points and then dig into it as you elaborate on it further.

·         Present Your Case

You can do this by explaining your issue in detail and why you believe that a way of thinking isn’t right or that something must be done. This stage takes a better part of your argument. In some instances, it can take several paragraphs to drive your case home.

·         Address the Opposition

This stage usually requires just a few paragraphs that allow you to refute your opponent one point at a time. Use it to address and explain your side of your opponent.

·         Provide Proof

After addressing the other side, you will want to provide evidence as to why your side is the best. Ensure that the evidence you present is clear and to the point.

·         Present Your Conclusion

Remind your opposition to your main point and summarize any other key points to help with your argument. Where possible, give your audience a call to action and what they can do to make a change.

Rogerian Essay Topics

Rogerian argument topics are different from the ones people generally use in other forms of essay arguments. Unlike in traditional argument, the Rogerian argument example topics allow you to involve your opponent into a debate and encourage him/her to negotiate.

In reality, such an argument helps both parties to find common ground. Some Rogerian essay topics you can use:

  • Is cheating out of control?
  • Is the death penalty effective?
  • Are school uniforms beneficial?
  • Is torture ever acceptable?
  • Are CEOs paid too much?
  • Are cell phones dangerous?

… and more

From the questions listed above, it’s evident that the Rogerian argument Purdue owl is an excellent example of free speech experience. Therefore, if used appropriately, can help get the point home to your opposition much more effectively.


This guide on how to write a Rogerian essay has all the basic details you need to start and develop a strong argument. Before writing your first draft, ensure that you take into account all the nuances involved with writing a Rogerian argument essay. You could also always hire a professional to produce the best Rogerian argumentative essay in your class on

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