Swift River Nursing Simulation | Authoritative 2020 Guide

Swift river nursing simulation optimizes the learner’s learning experience and gives confidence and skills to students and nurses. It creates a virtual environment where students can have hands-on experience while at the same time promoting safety by operating in a virtual clinical setup.

Swift River Nursing Simulation

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Swift River Nursing Simulation | Authoritative 2020 Guide
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Swift river nursing simulation is a powerful technique for students to gain critical nursing skills in various medical situations. This technique is very useful in boosting students and learning nurse’s confidence in handling a variety of health conditions in the real world. Additionally, students gain much needed critical thinking in a highly risky and high-pressure environment, which makes them prepared for the real experience. Please check some of our academic samples

When students use swift river nursing simulation, they are able to gain experience in handling a variety of medical conditions in a virtual environment. The virtual environment created by this system effectively mimics the real world and gives the students an insight to the real clinical environment. Unlike in theory, where students only read and try to imagine a medical condition, swift river nursing simulation mimics the environment of a real clinic set up and all the possible distractions.

Swift River Nursing Simulation – Sequential 2.0

This powerful group of simulators helps students to improve their skills in prioritizing critical patients who need medical attention. Additionally, they learn how to delegate duties to staff based on their skills and workload. Nurses and students are able to use swift river nursing solutions to improve their critical thinking skills and their abilities in their places of work. This powerful technology is a group of simulators known as sequential 2.0. Here are some of the clinical simulators.

ER Leadership

In this simulation, students are expected to demonstrate critical thinking and leadership in a very busy emergency environment from the time a patient comes in. At the starting point, which is the triage, the students will virtually admit 2000 patients. However, in the process of admission, there are distractions to mimic a real-life scenario. Additionally, after admission of the virtual patients, students are expected to index these patients according to the seriousness of their medical condition.

Swift River Nursing Simulation

Moreover, the students are expected to quickly assign the most suitable nurse to the patient based on the nurse’s competence, workload, and experience. They are also expected to evaluate each specific situation keenly and make a decision to discharge or transfer a patient within the shortest time possible. Additionally, in situations where there are no more options, they should quickly divert a patient to another facility.

Student’s Evaluation of ER Leadership

This system helps students to be able to evaluate how fast they are able to move patients under different circumstances in a quick and timely manner. It also helps them to improve their decision making and skills and their ability to think sequentially in a busy emergency environment.

Dosage Calculation

When students use swift river nursing simulation, they are able to do basic mathematical calculations on how to calculate and administer medication. They are able to do these calculations and medical administration in a safe virtual environment as they improve their skills. Furthermore, the student’s accuracy in the calculation of dosage greatly improves, and the time it takes the entire process. These are the skills students need in a real clinical environment, and they can gain confidence in getting practical hands-on experience using simulation.

Evaluation of Dosage Calculation

Students will be able to evaluate their performance in the virtual environment by how much time the entire process has taken from start to finish. Additionally, it is crucial that the students and nurses are able to accurately calculate the dosage of the medication they administer. Accuracy in calculating the dosage will now be a key indicator in determining the correctness of the dosage. Moreover, the supply for the medication has to be checked if it was accurately done and the placing administrators where they are supposed to be.


Students will use the data for medical surgical patients to do an initial assessment for patients. This will enable the students to give the correct diagnosis and offer the required care in a sequential manner. Moreover, students will need to prioritize care regardless of the distractions that take place in a busy clinical environment like call lights. In the swift river nursing solution, these call lights are distractors, and the students should be able to work effectively regardless of such distractions.

Students are tasked with making decisions after listening to an audio patient report. Furthermore, they give a diagnosis of the patient’s condition and plan an intervention, after which the students will do an evaluation of the results. However, students work with limited time and distractions in the virtual environment. This helps mimic the real-life situation in the clinical setup and gives the students hands-on experience.

Moreover, students are expected to show progress in care by how accurately they perform their duty and the time it takes. Med pas has thirty-six patients and three hundred plus medication both in the brand and generic.

Evaluation of Medical-Surgical

Students can determine their score by the average amount of time the whole process has taken from start to finish. They are also evaluated based on how accurately they were able to assign patients the level of emergency or urgency of their condition and allocate them a competent nurse. Additionally is determined by how accurate they were with the distractors, which are the call lights. Students are able to look at their performance and see how well they have performed in the virtual environment.

Medical Administration

In the virtual environment created by the swift river nursing simulation, students are able to administer medication after carefully developing and doing an assessment of the patient. When attending to patients, students are working in an environment that has call light distractions. Furthermore, in such an environment, time is usually limited, and this creates time pressure. Students must know how to manage time and work through all these distractions without compromising on the quality of care.

Swift River Nursing Simulation

The virtual environment makes it possible for students to accurately identify medication and safely administer it to patients through injection or orally.

Evaluation of Medical Administration

Swift river nursing simulation helps determine the score of medical administration by assessing the average time the entire process took. It also gives the students’ scores based on their accuracy in accurately calculating patients’ doses. Additionally, it scores on how accurate the students placed the right administrator in the right location.

Obstetrical Triage

Using the assessment data, students will be able to recognize 17 definitions of obstetric conditions. This data will help the students identify various conditions on obstetric and virtually assign these patients to the right department. Additionally, students will show improvement in their skills through accuracy and time.

Evaluation of Obstetric Triage

Student’s performance in the swift river nursing simulation will be scored based on the average time of the entire process. Additionally, the students’ ability to correctly calculate the right dose, and supply selection will be scored. The students will also be required to fill the right amount of doses. Students will be awarded marks in placing the right administrator in the right place.


Using reports on assessment data, students will be able to perform an initial assessment on pediatric patients. After the assessment, they will give the right diagnosis and give care to the patients sequentially. The virtual environment is a safe place to give medication to pediatric patients.

When working with pediatric patients in the swift river nursing solution, students will be able to give priority to care patients despite the distractions.

Mental Health

Swift river nursing simulation will help students use assessment data to perform psychiatric diagnoses. The students will also be knowledgeable of the medication used for psychiatric patients and their side effects. Furthermore, the diagnosis will be made in a safe virtual environment where the students will determine the stress level of a particular group of patients.

Swift River Nursing Simulation

Additionally, the students will measure stress level and correctly indicate from the highest level to the lowest levels of stress. When using swift river nursing simulation, the students are able to fully understand a diagnosis and the intervention that is needed for the diagnosis. Furthermore, they show progress in offering care to psychiatric patients using the indicators of time and the level of accuracy.

Evaluation of Mental Health

Swift river nursing simulation scores students on how accurate they were able to decide the right dose to administer to a patient. The student’s accuracy is measured on how they picked the right supply and on keeping the right amount of doses. Moreover, students are needed to place the right administration in the right place.

Advantages of Swift River Nursing Simulation

Swift river nursing solution offers students a virtual clinical environment where they are able to gain practical experience in a safe environment. As opposed to the traditional classroom setup the virtual environment mimics the real clinical setup, including all the distractions of call lights and emergencies. Additionally, students are able to gain experience on how to handle a wider range of medical conditions. Here are some more advantages of this powerful technology and how it has revolutionized learning for students and practicing nurses.

Students Acquire New Skills and Upgrade their Abilities

Students are able to acquire new skills that they did not have by learning using swift river nursing simulation. This system is a perfect learning solution for students to get new skills in handling patients while at the same time, they upgrade their abilities. Furthermore, it may not be possible for all students to get a learning opportunity in a real clinical setup, but this virtual environment is accessible to all students.

A Wider Experience of Medical Conditions

In a real clinical setup, students might not get the exposure they require in handling some rare medical conditions. It might not be easy to mimic these conditions, or there might not be patients with such conditions. However, in swift river nursing simulation, all medical conditions can be imitated, including complex conditions that involve sensitive organs like the heart and the liver. Additionally, the virtual environment offers a safe learning environment for the students as they gain the critical skills that they need.

Critical Thinking and Confidence

Students are able to learn how to think critically in an emergency environment. They are able to make a critical decision in the midst of distractions and call lights. Moreover, the students get a boost in their confidence level. They can confidently make decisions and provide care in various medical situations.

Better Communication Skills

The medical profession requires a high level of teamwork to offer care and treatment to patients. Communication is vital to make teamwork possible, and students using swift river nursing simulation learn how to communicate effectively to get the job done. Consequently, the student’s communication skills are boosted.

Real-Time Feedback

Swift river nursing simulation offers students real-time feedback on their score and provides them with accurate answers. Students are able to see how well they have performed in nursing care.

24 Hours Accessibility

Students are able to access the system throughout the day and night and all throughout the week. Additionally, students can learn according to their schedule, offering flexibility in the learning process.


Swift river nursing simulation is a perfect learning solution for students and nurses who are working and studying. It mimics the real clinical scenario, and it’s much more convenient in presenting different complex medical situations for students to handle. Additionally, the virtual environment ensures safety for both the students and the patients, which might not be the case in a real clinical setup.

Students also get real-time feedback on their performance by receiving scores in various simulations. Moreover, the system offers twenty-four hours and seven days a week clinical hours and students are able to work out a schedule that is best for them. This is an excellent solution for all students and especially those who might not get the opportunity to work in a real clinical environment. For much more, check out Essayaxe.com, the best online essay help service.

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