Writing Forum Posts and Responses Correctly

Writing forum posts and responses are essential. Some students find it difficult while others like that type of communication. Forum post is an online discussion post where students can ask questions among each other in the form of a message. It’s a way of creating backlinks to sites, and it drives traffic to it.

Forum posts make it possible for students to interact, make new friends, and learn from each other regardless of their location. Discussions have made it possible for people to access information despite their absence. Regardless of where you are either at work or just in the house, you can access forums, all you need to have is an internet connection. In the online platform, look for discussion post samples for a clear understanding.

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Writing Forum Posts and Responses Correctly
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Writing Forum Posts and Responses

How do you reply to a forum post?

Replying to a forum post is a component that enlivens and enriches the discussion board experience. In the same way, you have a substantive response example on the internet, ensure you are writing forum posts and responses that are as well advance and meaningful as you address the question, discussion, and ideas in the post you are responding to. You can use words such as “wow”, “I agree with you” statement to support your classmate’s posts, but these statements are not good enough.

How do you write a response to a post?

It is essential to respond to other people’s posts while in an online course. Discussion forums, however, give students a chance to share their point of view and interact with each other. Responding to a discussion form to many seems easy, but people face difficulties. Anyone who wants discussion board feedback examples can easily find them online. Below are tips to help write a successful response to another’s post:

Ask Open-Ended Questions That Help Promote the Discussion

Students need to write more than one or two words answers when it comes to open-ended questions. Open-ended questions help readers to reflect on their thoughts, use critical thinking skills, and show how they feel in a particular topic.

Don’t Be Afraid To Disagree

It is allowed for one to disagree with what another person says, or one can also play as the devil’s advocate. When disagreeing, it needs to be done respectfully. It’s necessary since everyone is entitled to their own opinions; hence you offering your interpretation is okay.

Give Reasons for Your Opinion

Provide reasons for your feelings and opinions about a topic. One can choose to share personal experiences or make personal connections with their classmates. Being able to apply class information with real-world situations demonstrates one’s understanding of what they are learning.

Think Out of The Box

People writing forum posts and responses that are similar on a discussion board can be tedious. Don’t shy aware from proposing new ideas or ask probing questions to generate a conversation.

Include Outside Resources

It helps when you include outside resources in writing forum posts and responses. Share a website or an article relevant to the topic. Introduce relevant, new ideas from resources other than class materials that take learning to the next level.

Writing Forum Posts and Responses

How do you post on a forum?

  • The first thing you need to do is locating the course page. Instructors can also add activities block, here you click on the forum, and you get all course links.
  • Click the name of the forum. The forum page opens and displays at the top of the page a list of instructions from the instructor.
  • If it’s a group forum, you can view other groups posts, here you see a visible group drop-down menu at the top of the page. Change views using the drop-down menu to their discussion pages.
  • Depending on the type of forum, you can reply to the previous post or discussion prompts or start a new topic.
  • If there is a required subject field, enter a descriptive but brief subject line.
  • In the required message field, enter your reply or a new topic.
  • Enable your spell-checking in the browser, to spell check your entry. Suspect spelling words will be underlined.
  • When adding an attachment, drag and drop the file at the upload area. The attachment appears below your post.
  • When you complete the post, click to the forum and submit. Remember, there is a 30min period to delete or edit the post before the post is locked for editing, and subscribers receive an email.

What is a thoughtful response?

It is writing forum post and responses that is considerate of how they treat others or react to their post by showing careful thoughts. Depending on how to start a discussion, think through your response, and critically analyze the feedback. Discussion board feedback examples need to be well thought of before posting.

How do you respond to a classmate’s post?

Responding to your classmate’s posts is a huge aspect of every online class. How you reply gives an impression of you as well as your grades. Students need to participate in the discussion and not only make an individual post to fuel the discussion. Learn some tips on how to respond to posts.

Be Respectful

Be courteous and polite in your response in an online class as you are in a public forum. Avoid taking disagreements personally and politely respond to them using academic, professional language. Avoid the use of jargon, slang, and emoticons, show respect to everyone’s opinion by how you interact. Be sensitive to people’s culture, gender, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation. Avoid using ALL-CAPS, and people associate it with being rude as it appears as though you are screaming.

Write-In Context

While pointing out your disagreement or agreement, keep it contextual as well as making a correlation with the syllabus and what you know from the course. Please point out the aspect you are writing forum posts and responses to make it clear to everyone. Avoid lengthy posts, furthermore, most of them divers attention due to unnecessary read.

Make It Meaningful

Avoid statements like Good post, or I agree with you. This is a class forum, not a mutual praising society. Instructors want to see your strong arguments from you as you put forth your unique point of view. If you resonate with your classmate’s point, start by agreeing with them, and you put down your unique perspective.

Ask Questions

It’s advisable to end your response with an open-ended question to take the discussion forward. Ask a thoughtful question that helps with understanding the logic behind a personal explanation. Follow up questions are good too as your classmates elaborate on their response. Asking a question is a genuine indication of you investing in writing forum posts and responses and your interest in taking it forward. The question helps by encouraging people to add value and think.

Writing Forum Posts and Responses

How do you comment on a forum?

Discussion post helps you when you want to comment on the forum by:

  • Going to the forum. You select the forum tool from the tool menu in the site
  • Within the forum, hose a topic. Click on the title of the topic to enter.
  • To view conversations, click on the title of existing posts.
  • Click reply either to the initial message or the link within the message
  • Compose your message. The message you are replaying is displayed on top. You have the option of hiding it by clicking the downward arrow.
  • It is optional to edit the reply title
  • At this point, add an attachment if you have any.
  • Click post after you are done replying.

What is a response post?

Writing forum posts and responses post is, giving feedback to your post or your classmate’s post. In a response post, students give their own opinion about a topic respectfully and clearly as they are addressing the message to everyone in the course. You can either agree or disagree in your response post, and there is no limitation. You will find many discussion posts examples for guidance. Response posts allow conversations to keep flowing as students express themselves.

How do you write a response paper?

Writing forum posts and responses paper can be defined as a piece of writing, where you express your opinion on the text you have read. When you get to writing your response paper, properly organize your work. Below are ways n how you can organize a response paper.

Step 1

Before the writing process, read several times the provided materials. Areas you feel are essential in the writing process of your paper, note them down. The note you prepare as you read your materials will form the basis of the focus of your paper. At this stage, don’t worry about organizing your work.

Step 2

Get a topic. As similar as any other piece of writing, look for a topic. Form some question from the text you have read to help you decide on the best topic. Choose an informative topic. While it is easy to choose an interesting topic, remember you need to be careful not to choose a topic with no enough point.

Step 3

Start writing. Ensure your introduction is strong. Use a persuasive thesis to capture the reader’s attention. Inform the readers of the book or article to are responding to ensure you include the authors of the text. To state the paper’s focus, use an introduction.

Step 4

Write the body. After the introduction, immediately comes the body. Here you need to discuss your subject intensely. Use precise and short paragraphs to divide ideas. Discuss new evidence in new paragraphs and ensure there are flow and consistency in the arguments.

Step 5

The conclusion. After the body, it’s the conclusion, which is the last paragraph. It ends a paper by giving a summary of the points made and draws some inference. Ensure your conclusion is brief and, at the same time, informative and leave no room for questions. In this part, don’t introduce any argument.

Step 6

Edit and proofread. Proofread and edit your work. The editing involves changing format, content, and structure. On the other hand, proofreading helps one identify and correct spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Writing Forum Posts and Responses

What makes a good discussion post?

Discussion post is the main ways students in an online class interacts with their instructs and among themselves. There are many examples of discussion responses and discussion post templates for anyone who needs help. A good discussion example gives you an idea of how you post. Below are Points in how one can make a good discussion post.

Do Your Homework

Ensure you complete all readings for the module and directly dive into the materials. One cannot write about a particular topic or concept without having a clear perspective of the course material directly from the start. Be well equipped with information, the moment you start writing, you are fully prepared to present a meaningful, authentic response.

Wake Up Your Classmates with A Strong Perspective or Argument

Develop strong arguments and support your statements from the course material statement. Be articulate and concise your ideas thoroughly. Explore every part by writing a forum post and responses to make students think beyond traditional measures.

Be Relevant

Include professional and personal experiences and support your ideas using text evidence. Present real-world application to the conversation to bring added value and resonate with other students. Always relate to concepts you are learning about and bring a connection with evidence from academic sources.

Bring Something Unique to The Post

Provide article reading, video clips, or links to an outside resource to highlight the message you are trying to convey. Be unique by doing something extra for others to think and respond to the ideas you are sharing.

Before Posting, Prepare Your Response in A Text Editor

Use your best text editor and draft your response before posting in the discussion post. By doing so, you avoid error mistakes and ensure the post is coherent, cohesive, and complete.

Leave Participants Wanting More

Engage with your classmates, post your response, and ask more follow up questions. Be an integral part of the conversation and be part of the discussion by adding value. Conduct your research, and be relevant.

Below is an example writing forum post and responses:

Sample Posted Responses to Questions Re: “From Blossoms”:

Dear Kenneth:

I appreciated your insight of Lee’s respect and appreciation for nature, “impossible blossom, to impossible sweet blossom.”  It still amazes me to contemplate how everything just grows and matures automatically.

I didn’t get “someone with as much passion about peaches as Lee had,” from the poem at all.  I’m not sure what you part of the poem you are referencing when you discuss this element.  An example would be a specific example, or a direct quote would be beneficial in relating this thought.

I agree with the answer in question number 3, that the repetition of using the word dust drives home the sentiment of eating peaches on a hot summer day, with dust everywhere.

I think Lee adores eating peaches, and the reminiscence of time being spent with family.  I assume she is with family in this poem.

I think that the last sentence you wrote helps me solve a puzzle I had in my head: why, in the middle of nowhere in her poem, does she bring up, “There are days we live / as if death were nowhere.”  I don’t know what to make of that line.  Clearly, it brings with it the notion that we take things for granted, including eating peaches.  But it is really hard to think about the serious matters of the world, life, and death when one is enjoying a pure, calm pleasure.  Don’t we all need the break from the seriousness of life to enjoy a hot summer day and eating a peach simply?

Dear Jiayi:

I agree that the author takes an everyday experience of eating a peach and showing us how simple joy can be found in its juices.  Peaches are my favorite summer fruit, and I really can experience the poem wholeheartedly.

I also agree that the use of “sweet” and “succulent” puts the reader in the experience.  Succulent also conjures in my mind how a ripe peach, drips hysterically with juice, everywhere.  It’s almost uncontrollable, and sticky too!   

I like how you refer to the dust that collects from blossom to maturity and consumption.  I think the repetition in the use of dust, conjures the image of driving along a rural road, in the dry, hot summer – where dust would be in abundance.  It’s so hot and dusty, and you want to eat the peach.   I can also infer that from what you mention in your answer to question 5, “not only the skin, but the shade, / not only the sugar but the days.”   This makes me think about how one looks for a shade tree on hot summer days.

I’m not certain that your proposed thesis is really clear.   I think the point of the thesis needs to be centered around the meaning of the poem and how one interprets the meaning poem. In essence, you would be proving your interpretation of the poem.  

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